UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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Evalion as Microsoft's red-pilled AI, Tay.

Evalion (formerly Elegon, aka Veronica) (born November 4, 1997[1]) is an internet-famous creator of edgy, educational and entertaining videos that are politically incorrect and pro white.[2] She grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada[1], which in one of her videos she explained was minority white and dangerous.

Evalion's main legacy is the use of the word shoah for when a far-left or other globalist deletes/bans something on the Internet. She invented this in 2016.

2016 Beginnings

She started making videos on YouTube during March 2016 and was banned in May 2016. After the May banning, it took her several months to be able to post again.

Her YouTube account originally had a banner titled, "GET TRIGGERED" with photos of SJWs, Donald Trump, Trayvon Martin, Adolf Hitler, and a shadowy drawing of a Jew. She then changed it to have George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr. William Luther Pierce, Hitler, and Trump with an image of a Star of David being destroyed with an explosion.

Her channel description had read:

"I am here to make youtube great again. No longer shall we suffer through hideous reboot movies with sloppy actors hired just for the sake of diversity. No longer shall tv glorify all things degenerate and anti-huwhite. No longer shall we believe the lies all around us. The goyim's eyes are opening. Today we shall laugh at the misfortunes of our enemies as we curbstomp them into the abyss. Witness the fall of political correctness and the rise of perfection. Victory is upon us. We shall conquer the entire world. But the battle has only just begun..."

Although she is over 18, her voice is naturally very high pitched and so she sounds much younger than she is. This makes her message extra effective because people think it's a little girl saying it until she shows her face in her videos. Because her videos are so effective, the JIDF has been targeting her heavily for a defamation campaign. Most of the JIDF's material consists of personal attacks from an old boyfriend who hacked her former account, Elegon. On her video comments, there are always Jews complaining about her videos and there's so many they end up talking to each other in Hebrew. In May 2016, Cultural Marxists launched a large, public campaign to mass report all her videos on YouTube and postings on Twitter.[3] May 17, 2016, her channel was shut down by a massive flagging campaign. Since YouTube's CEO is a Jew and its parent company Google also is run by Jews, they always have been eager to take down her videos. TruTube has remained down since late April 2016 with no explanation.[4] May 20th her story made The Daily Mail[5] and shortly after The Sun[6] and the Daily Star made articles copying parts from The Daily Mail's piece word-for-word.[7] In each article, a group called "News Dog Media" watermarked all the photos she took with "(c) News Dog Media" claiming copyright on her work.[5] Early June 2016, Cultural Marxists France's Communist-controlled propaganda TV talked about her, insulted her, and made insulting drawings of her.[8]

She has been featured on The Daily Stormer five times[9][10][11][12][8] and on Dr. David Duke's Twitter[13]. She was featured in the beginning of the the Murdoch Murdoch video titled Revenge of the Murdochs and Dr. Murdoch explained her popularity, "That's because the alt right love hearing their views coming from women."

Since her channel that was on YouTube went down, she has not put a channel up on another video site. Before her YouTube video completely went down, she had a video titled, "THE MOST ANTISEMITIC VIDEO EVER! The Truth About Jews" and that was the first one YouTube took down. Fans then tried to upload her content to alternative video sites such as Vimeo and LiveLeak who took her videos down too. TruTube then forwarded to reuploads on YouTube and a week later Mike Delaney decided to close TruTube without explanation (and still has not explained to this day nor brought the site back).

On June, 13 2016 her Twitter account has been shut down, too. She then created a new Twitter account immediately and confirmed the authenticity two days later. She switched Twitter accounts again September 25, 2016 after losing her password and access to her email address.[14]

Early October, she changed her website It later became fully shut down. She revealed that someone associated with Christian Picciolini DDoSed her.[15]

Picciolini harassing Evalion and constantly gloating over the fact that he knows her real name.
This is the kind of message Christian Picciolini sends to young girls like Evalion. He also harassed a girl called Crusader and got her parents after her and so Crusader disappeared off the internet.

October 25, 2016, she returned with a video explanation. She said a person named Christian Picciolini had stalked her, her boyfriend, and all her friends. Christian Picciolini is famous enough to have a Wikipedia article, but his article and his website don't mention what Evalion mentioned, that Christian Picciolini works for the US government and is a mercenary of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is a terrorist group and hate group. His Wikipedia article and website only say he is an ex-skinhead but as this picture reveals, he is brown-skinned. Evalion says that he contacted her, her boyfriend, all her friends, and all their family and harassed them using psychological warfare to turn their families against them. He has caused one person to be financially cut off by his parents and he had to sell all his belongings and now is homeless living in his car. Evalion went on that when Christian Picciolini was really heavily stalking and harassing everyone she knew, she and her boyfriend decided to return home from their vacation in Germany. At the airport, Evalion discovered that she and her boyfriend had been put on a government watchlist. Canada does this same thing that the USA does it turns out--something which is Unconstitutional in the USA but the US government does it anyway. They spent a whole day digging through all her things. They then found her diary and she tried to stop them but instead three middle-aged men spent three hours reading through her diary. Then the airport security called ten additional men over and they threatened to rob her phone and laptop unless she gave them the password so she did and they looked through it. They then found books on her laptop and Canada, being an Orwellian police state actually bans certain books in the country. They then robbed her laptop anyway. They also robbed her diary. During the entire time, they denied her food and water. Only after the arrest was over at the end of 8 hours, they gave her a glass of water, but during the 8 hours she was severely dehydrated and had a panic attack. Because if the incident, they didn't let her boyfriend enter Canada and instead they put him in prison. They only let Evalion speak to him for 20 minutes and it was behind glass and through a phone. Then after three days, they sent him back to Germany and wouldn't let him come back to Canada. (In the mean time, Canada lets unlimited Middle Eastern rapists flood into the country--not simply Middle Eastern people, but those convicted of rape and murder in their own country and when these people come to Canada and do these crimes again, Canada does not deport them.) Christian Picciolini then went around bragging about getting her arrested with his "contacts in Canada". After her arrest, he sent her messages with photos of her house and her full name but denying he got her arrested and telling her to trust him. Also PayPal banned her account and she had $100 in there and PayPal told her they are keeping her money and she is never getting it back.[15]

Her website returned around October 27, 2016. Of interest to note is that it is Communist gentiles rather than Jews who have been behind attacking her. Any Jews that do it are not doing it in the open. All her videos on YouTube and videos people make in support of her get visits by a bunch of people who would qualify as jewish dissidents. They are strongly Jewish religiously and at the same time they hate Israel, Zionism, Marxism, and Cultural Marxism. None of the Jews seem to be trying to prove her right about her statements on Jews--any that are have been making sure not to be seen doing it.

A few days after her birthday in early November 2016, Evalion did an interview with local TV Global News (see the video section). In there, the Communists (which is all the mainstream news media) got all upset. At the end, they put on complete lies about hate crime statistics, the typical ones Communists claim. The real fact is that white people are the main victims of hate crimes. The Communists claimed blacks are when in reality black-on-white hate crimes are one of the top ones. Evalion later made a follow-up video and explained: Global News promised they would only call her "Evalion" and instead they repeatedly used her full first and last name. They also intereviewed her for 40 minutes and only used 30 seconds of it. They cut so much out because they feared it could be convincing to people and they tried to show only very brief clips like repeatedly showing her wishing Hitler happy birthday over and over. The woman who interviewed her was Christine Stephens and she was extremely rude to her. Christine Stephens also interviewed someone named Paul but showed none of his interview.

Late December 2016, she shared a dream, titled My Burqa Nightmare, wherein she was forced to do this:

Burqa eating spaghetti.jpg

She specified in the dream she was forced to wear a burqa and at some point at noodles. She refuses to say how she was able to eat noodles with the burqa on.

Holiday themed videos

She has made holiday themed videos such as on Easter 2016, she dressed up in a rabbit outfit. On April Fools Day 2016, she made a video pretending to convert to Islam. On Adolf Hitler's birthday, she held a birthday celebration for him with a cake.

Evalion and Sinead McCarthy 2016

In spring 2016, Elegon made a video criticizing Sinead McCarthy for believing the flat earth theory. Elegon included a drawing of the Happy Merchant image in Sinead's likeness and called her a shill. They briefly became enemies. Sinead then interviewed Elegon's ex-internet-boyfriend, Michael Constantine. After Elegon switched her channel and internet alias to Evalion, she never put her video about Sinead back up and the video was apparently not saved on the Evalion archive videos after YouTube shoahed Evalion's channel. Despite their animosity, when YouTube shut down Sinead's "Shiksa Goddess" channel, she used Evalion's term for YouTube shutting down a channel, "shoahed" or "shoa'd".[16] July 22, 2016, Sinead posted a video defending Evalion from attacks by Onision.[17] Within a couple months later, Sinead and Evalion had become friends. Evalion has also helped Sinead on her videos.[18] By October 2016, Sinead has reposted Evalion videos on her channels and made videos directing people to Evalion's.

2017 Changes

Evalion ended up marrying a different guy, not the German guy, a Mormon American Strasserist[19] named "Cody", a smoker who worked part time at FedEx and lives with his parents. She is also pregnant and she switched from Hitlerian National Socialism to Strasserism and defended Stalin.

Now Evalion's website stopped updating in March 2017 and at that time, where she sold things like art she made, childhood heirlooms, and a video of her jumping on a trampoline (sold for $500!), just shut down mysteriously. Around late 2016, it was revealed that some pervy old man was running both sites and he thought Evalion was the reincarnation of some Hindu deity. This man (who even looked like a pervy old man) in late 2016 made a third website dedicated to attacking Sinead McCarthy, with her name in the domain, which he still regularly updates after shutting down and ceasing updates on He also claimed that Evalion shut down her Twitter herself for a vacation however February 2, 2017, it clearly said suspended. The same month her Twitter shut down, Christian Picciolini news again: Christian Picciolini founded the hate and terrorist group, Life After Hate, in 2009 and Obama gave them $400,000. But Donald Trump then cut funding to the group in February 2017 and redirected the funds to fight Radical Islam.[20]

Well, without telling anyone, Evalion had gone back on a new Twitter account and began making videos on Cody's YouTube. One of the writers of this article only found her by entering in Google: "white shariah" "evalion"
Out of curiosity to see if anything funny came up and her Twitter was the first result.

On YouTube, Cody had made two video on his channel back in Feb 2, 2016 and Dec 24, 2016. Then on May 10, 2017, Evalion started making videos there. Cody generally runs the channel. Evalion also at some point around then made a new Twitter.

And somehow many people already knew of her Twitter and YouTube for months prior. So it's a mystery how people knew. Somehow Encyclopedia Dramatica knew for a while and then Leafy (who made the original video that made her famous) made a later one mocking her again.

Evalion's husband is Cody. He is extremely masculine looking, has a beard, and a deep voice. He speaks very briefly in a manner that is gruff, dull, and angry. The people on his channel keep calling him not "lumberjack" but "autistic". And while "autistic" is just an insult people on the internet throw around all the time, Cody claimed in response he has Asperger's. However, exactly like the famous autist, Chris-chan, Cody shadowbans people (which he has denied) like crazy it seems, mostly the people nice to him have comments that don't appear while negative comments stay appearing and the channel (which is claimed Cody runs) doesn't answer YouTube messages. Also like Chris-chan, the email on the account (which is Evalion's one) never answers either. Many of the comments have a "View reply" and you click it and no replies are shown due to the massive shadowbanning or YouTube marking the comments as spam, though this is becoming more common on YouTube as YouTube increases its censorship.

As for Evalion marrying someone with Asperger's, her previous known relationships have all been with men on the internet that have lived thousands of miles away.

Evalion's latest videos have all been basically pushing standard socialism and people are upset about that. A lot of people repeated Andrew Anglin's statement that women change their political views based on loyalty to their current lover, which was what Evalion appeared to have done. It's possible that she is faking it because she had been very harassed in the past for being a national socialist, however Cody had made two videos long before he met her that professed the political beliefs he's now spouting so those indeed are his beliefs.

Evalions fans didn't like her change in views. For instance, the people at The Daily Stormer forums reacted negatively toward the change in her beliefs and her pregnancy. They said her beliefs changed based on who her boyfriend was and then they all called for White Sharia.[21]

Sinead commented on the situation. Skip to 7:30.

Cody said in the comments on one video that he hates George Lincoln Rockwell. Cody followed up in more detail on another video, WHAT IS PRUSSIAN SOCIALISM?, "Actually I'm a National Socialist, I'm just one of the few americans that understands the ideology. Rockwell was retard who didn't know what the hell he was talking about and embarrassed himself in the process. Most pf these so called NS would of accused the NSDAP of being "Nazbols" or crypto communists. I just wish they would go back to their Libertarian white nationalist klansmen circles and leave us alone. I'm cody by the way".

Cucking out on getting Confederate ghosts to raise hell over removed monuments

The videos on the channel are all garbage except one, Haunted Ball's Bluff American Civil War Battlefield | Spirit Box Session on June 17, 2017. Cody seems into ghosts, claims to be a spirit medium, and got Evalion to talk to ghosts using a spirit box. Cody and Evalion at that battlefield had an interesting session talking to spirits of dead Confederate soldiers at the Pine Bluff American Civil War Battlefield. The ghosts were really out of the loop and thought blacks were still slaves. Evalion did the talking because Cody is about as talkative as Bruce Willis's character in the film The Fifth Element. Evalion then mentioned how Commies were tearing down Confederate monuments and the ghosts had no idea (they thought blacks were still slaves) and the ghosts then got all pissed and right when they could've gotten the ghosts to raise hell with hauntings to stop it, Cody suddenly, out of nowhere, ended the session! The last thing the spirits said was "Wait!" They should've waited but instead Evalion shut the spirit box off and ended it.

They never went back there. Instead the next trip was to the Antietam National Battlefield and Cemetary. The spirit box got no ghost voices. Evalion then claimed the spirits made her electronics not work and she couldn't pick anything up.

Their Confederate Ghost Channeling Inspired a Murdoch Murdoch cartooon!

Murdoch Murdoch's The Ghosts of America (Published on Sep 18, 2017) featured the ghosts of Confederate soldiers returning.

Miscarriage in July

  1. Her old friend Sinead McCarthy is now her enemy and told her she hopes she has a miscarriage.
  2. Evalion did. Sinead had claimed Cody may not be the father and well that point is moot now.
  3. A week before the miscarriage, she had a psychic premonition (explained in another video) and stopped his car to avoid hitting a kitten in the dark that he couldn't see with his eyes on this road.
  4. The kitten, seven weeks old at the time, is cheering her up.
  5. Although Cody's parents' house is nice-looking, it's a noisy neighborhood due to a dog always barking in the background. That awful noise going 24 hours a day normally causes a lot of stress and stress is one thing that disrupts pregnancy. Sinead added to the stress and Evalion said she had all these nightmares of miscarriages after Sinead said she hoped she would. And then there's how she went to a site with angry Confederate soldier ghosts after a bunch of blacks were trashing their cemetary.
  6. Comments continue to be shadowbanned on Cody's channel.
  7. Ultrasound causes pregnancy problems however her husband had an ultrasound and it saved his life as he was born with a lung tumor.
  8. Mestizo women are able to have tons and tons of children without miscarriages in mass amounts like crazy. It is a mystery that baffles scientists!! She did not mention if it was true for black women who typically have an even higher reprodcutive ability. Florida governor Jeb Bush has even commented on how fertile mestizas are.[22] Also a lot of times there's news stories of how latinas give birth and had no idea they were pregnant because they had no symptoms. Latinas have even given birth at around 5-years-old several times, baffling scientists.
  9. She is a fan of Courtney Love even though she allegedly killed her husband.
  10. Her friends Kayla and McKayla are her sisters in law. They are apolitical.
  11. After she buried her miscarried baby in the backyard, she cried a lot on camera while her husband looked very uncomfortable and kept his arms crossed.
  12. Sinead McCarthy's anti-ultrasound advice turned out bad in Evalion's case because for 10 weeks she had no idea she was carrying a dead fetus inside her and still suffering pregnancy symptoms.

YouTube shoah

August 2, YouTube removed a video she had made for "hate speech". The video was Evalion defending herself against the personal attacks that LeafyIsHere made about her. YouTube allows LeafyIsHere to attack people all he wants but should Evalion defend herself, YouTube removes it falsely for "hate speech". Evalion never made any "hate speech".

This happened right after Google put the ADL and the European Union in charge of YouTube's video shoahing. The ADL is literally the moderation staff at YouTube.[23]

Some ex-friends

Late August 2017, Sinead McCarthy made a video where she gave evidence against Richard Spencer. In the video, he was working with Christian Picciolini. At 4:30, Sinead said to Christian Picciolini, "...for getting me fired. I'm pretty you and people like Evalion were involved in that."

Brian Ruhe commented on the video:

"This was informative, Sinead, thanks. Christain Piccolini contacted me once over Evalion and said I had some brains. You sound like Evalion turned against you and helped get you fired from your job. Evalion and I were friends but you tunred her against me, telling her that I was a Jew, which is not true. Now she doesnt reply to my Skype emails. I do a good job of avoiding infighting as I believe that we should aim our attack at the Rothschild, Zionist Talmudists and not at each other. My hero, Adolf Hitler said that it is best to give people only one enemy and that is the Jews. You are very intelligent Sinead and you do good work. I did learn from this video so I wish you well in your efforts to out the Jew."[24]

Revisionism: Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory

On November 14, 2017, Evalion expanded from questioning the official story of The Holocaust and World War II, to casting doubt on the official story of Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who once bathed in the blood of 100 virgins. Evalion offered evidence that Bathory Did Nothing Wrong.

Evalion used to have black fans too when she was a Hitlerian National Socialist!

A fellow named Aaron Genus, who makes a lot of red-pilled and right-wing videos, described how he used to be a fan of Evalion and is unhappy now: I Will NEVER Turncoat Like Evalion!

2018 (shoah'd)

February 20, 2018: YouTube shoah'd her husband's YouTube account. No reason given and the account broke no rules. Of course the ADL and SPLC runs YouTube, Google, and Twitter's censorship so anyone who isn't a fan of George Soros is bound to get banned, with the exception of ethnic jews such as Brother Nathanael. Maybe people should just abandon these platforms and let them die.

People have photoshopped her image and made her an internet meme


Evalion On Global News
Evalion Response Video regarding (((Global News)))


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