UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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People's Republic of China
Flag of China
Emblem of China
Anthem: "March of the Volunteers"
《义勇军进行曲》 (Pinyin: "Yìyǒngjūn Jìnxíngqǔ")
Location of China
Capital Beijing
Largest city Shanghai
Official languages Putonghua (or Mandarin) [1]
Recognised regional languages See Languages of China
Official scripts Simplified Chinese
Ethnic groups 91.51%[2] Han; 55 recognised minorities
Demonym Chinese
Government Single party-led state [3][4]
Hu Jintao
Wen Jiabao
Wu Bangguo
Jia Qinglin
Legislature National People's Congress
• People's Republic of China proclaimed.
1 October 1949
• Total
9,640,821 km2 (3,722,342 sq mi)[c] or 9,671,018 km²[c] (3rd/4th)
• Water (%)
• 2010 census
1,339,724,852[2] (1st)
• Density
139.6/km2 (361.6/sq mi) (53rd)
GDP (PPP) 2010 estimate
• Total
$10.085 trillion[5]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2010 estimate
• Total
$5.878 trillion[5]
• Per capita
Gini (2007) 41.5[6]
Error: Invalid Gini value
HDI (2010) Increase 0.663[7]
Error: Invalid HDI value · 89th
Currency Chinese yuan (renminbi) (¥) (CNY)
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Date format yyyy-mm-dd
or yyyymd
(CE; CE-1949)
Drives on the right, except for Hong Kong & Macau
Calling code +86[d]
ISO 3166 code CN
Internet TLD

.cn[d] .中國[8]


The "People's" Republic of China is the government currently ruling China. China is the largest country in East Asia and among the largest countries in the world. With over 1.3 billion people, about a fifth of the world's human population, it is the most populous country in the world. Its capital is Beijing. The Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the PRC under a single-party system since the state's establishment in 1949.

Genocide against Tibet

The Chinese government is performing demographic genocide on Tibet by shipping its gigantic population to drown out the native Tibetans. They already outnumber the native Tibetans who are now a minority in their own country. Just like Europe, China is putting them into high positions of government. One of the goals of Red China is so they can one day let Tibet vote on whether to be free and then with all the Han Chinese, they will outvote the Tibetans.[9] Red China has also been pushing cultural genocide by pushing to wipe out native Tibetan culture and replace it with its own.[10] It is what amounts to ethnic cleansing.

Communist rule

Chinese Communist Party (CCP), established in 1921, came into power in October 1949 after a long civil war supported by Jews in China and World War II turbulence. The new Maoist regime established a totalitarian Communist system, killing and causing the unnatural deaths of nearly 100 million. Mao Zedong himself was behind the murder of an estimated 74 million, far higher than even Joseph Stalin. Although the civil war between the communists and the nationalists' is thought to have killed 6-10 million, much larger casualties resulted from systematic terror, repressions and social reforms launched in the mid-1940s by the communists. Estimates of the number of victims during 1949-1975 vary and fully reliable figures do not exist. China's official statistics have not been made available for thorough research. According to an analysis of ten various Western sources, a total of 45-60 million have lost their lives during forced collectivization, purges (2-5 million killed), the Great Leap Forward and ensuing famine (30-40 million deaths), Cultural Revolution (2-7 million killed), occupation of Tibet (0,6-1 million killed) or died in laogai, the world's largest network of concentration camps (15-20 million deaths) and in other repressions.

Although China has implemented pragmatic changes and has since the 1980s followed a path of Socialist market economy that may soon make it the world's largest economic power, the country remains a dictatorship. In 1989, the military crushed pro-democracy student protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, killing and wounding 1000-3000 civilians. Up to few hundred protesters could have been killed in 2008 riots and protests in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Nationalists in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region have been oppressed for decades. The number of victims there is unknown, but some are included in China's official execution toll of 10 000 a year. In 2003, Chinese authorities banned the peaceful Falun Gong opposition movement, whose declared activities relate to spiritual practice and meditation, and has persecuted tens of thousands of its members. According to international organizations, China's human rights situation has not improved since 2006. There have been increasing numbers of high-profile cases involving the monitoring, harassment, detention, and imprisonment of political and religious activists, journalists and writers as well as lawyers seeking to exercise their rights under the law. New government controls have been imposed on NGOs, the media, including the Internet, and courts and judges.

Cultural Marxism has not fully infiltrated China though and it is anti-feminist even jailing feminist protesters.[11] The Chinese people also feel differently about the Baltimore race riots of 2015 than Americans and view the rioters as the villains and, "when I saw that all the people protesting and getting arrested were black people it made more sense. That would never happen with white people." Viola Rothschild found this disturbing.[12]

The government even claims control over the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation process.[13]

April Fools Day is even banned in China.[14][15][16]

Communist Education system

The Chinese like all East Asians people are very intelligent, however Communism is very harmful. Japan and South Korea do not have issues with their education. But with Communism, there is an implied sense of entitlement that people can go through school cheating and it's fine.

Despite their high test scores, it turns out cheating actually is the common culture, as Communism discourages people from working hard. When students were prevented from cheating, they protested and rioted. Their parents were angry their kids could not cheat too.[17][18][19][20] Cheating is so prevalent in China, they have had to ban bras. The worst of the exams is the university entrance exam, known as gaokao.[21][22][23]

Communist Hygiene

The first documented use of toilet paper in human history dates back to the 6th century AD China.[24] In 589 AD the scholar-official Yan Zhitui (531–591) wrote about the use of toilet paper:

"Paper on which there are quotations or commentaries from the Five Classics or the names of sages, I dare not use for toilet purposes".[24]

During the later Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), an Arab traveller to China in the year 851 AD remarked:

"...they [the Chinese] do not wash themselves with water when they have done their necessities; but they only wipe themselves with paper."[24]

However since communist takeover, China's good hygiene has stopped. It's hard to blame the Chinese. The Communist government regularly kidnaps Buddhist monks and harvests their organs.

China's non-Communist neighbor to the east, Japan, has the nicest toilets in the world. But in China: Its toilets are squat toilets with no toilet paper. There's also usually no hooks to keep bags and belongings off the floor. The sewage systems of public bathrooms in China cannot handle toilet paper so it is placed in a bucket to pile for days until it is emptied. Chinese people carry toilet paper around with them. Some toilets have grills to prevent solid waste and so people then use nearby showers for this purpose. Often the flush itself is extremely underpowered and they might have a bucket with a ladel to flush it down. Some don't even have flushes or buckets; instead an attendant has to come by each hour with a bucket to flush. Some flush systems merely flood the floor with waste in an adjoining room. Many of the bathrooms and still also don't even have doors, just parititions, and some of these parititions even only paritition it every two squats so people will be sharing the space together. Some have no parititions at all, just a cesspit where everything is wide open. Some are communal trenches and with some of these, the trenches connected to other toilets where flushing waste from one will flush it into the trench of another toilet. Others are simply like outhouses where it drops really far and just piles up, never to be emptied.[25][26][27][28][29] China has even taken to using birds to keep a toilet clean.[30]

Moreover, public urination and defecation have become common in China,[31][32][33][34][35] even right on subway trains.[36][37][38] It's so bad when Chinese tour other countries, signs have to tell the Chinese that this normal Chinese behavior is not allowed in their country. For example, there is a sign outside the Louvre Museum in only Chinese characters that forbids people from urinating or defecating wherever they want.[39] The public urination and defecation are something parents teach their kids in China since infancy and baby's pants open at the privates to allow them to publicly urinate and defecate. The Chinese also blow their nose in their hands and then touch hand railing wherever they go. Chinese restaurants and hotels also recycle uneaten food and mix uneaten adulterated bits back into the rice they serve the next guests.[40] When food from China goes to other countries, it's often banned due to contamination both from lack of hygiene and the general toxic and biological pollutants in China.[41][42] This is not unique to China as mestizos from Latin America do the same thing.[43]

And again, Japan and South Korea which have very similar ancestry to China do not have these problems because they are not Communist.

When Chinese children fly on airplanes every few months, they make a scene by publicly defecating in the aisles. They have also publicly defecated in airports, hospitals, subways, and moving trains. Despite pleas from passengers and crew to take such children to a toilet, the children's guardians will insist on letting the child do it there. And once the child finishes its business, its smell would begin to slowly waft through the small enclosed space, sparking a wave of disgust among fellow travellers.[44][45] This is in stark comparison to Japan which has very extreme toilet hygiene.[46]

The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician is a memoir by Li Zhisui, Mao Zedong's personal doctor. It explains how:[47][48][49][50]

  1. Mao rarely bathed. Even if he did, he disliked using soap and water. Rather, he preferred to be scrubbed with steaming towels.
  2. Mao did not brush his teeth. He preferred to rinse mouth with teas. Apparently, his teeth were pretty rotten.
  3. Mao did not like flush toilets. For years after he became the most powerful man in China, he defecated in the palace gardens. Finally Zhou Enlai was able to convince him to use an indoor bathroom.
  4. Mao often had an assortment of body lice and skin infections. He often just dropped his pants in public to scratch himself.
  5. Mao did manage to sleep with thousands of women though. He had huge orgies in his customized bed. He was very crude in his language, with an apparent obsession with farting. He also liked to make dirty jokes to shock people. His doctor was chiding him about hygiene when Mao informed him that when he was with girls, "I wash my prick in their c***s." He infected nearly three thousand women by sexual relations, because he had trichomoniasis and genital herpes.

China has also found its fast food restaurants have more bacteria in the ice cubes than in toilet water.[51]


A bestselling book in China called “Currency Wars” by Song Hongbing explains that the current economic crisis is the work of the Jews. It explains various other harmful events that the Jews have caused.[52]

June 2016, China created female-only parking spaces that are much larger than normal because women have a lot of trouble parking.[53] South Korea did the same thing in 2009.[54]


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"Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi (俏比) ad" This ad first aired in China on April 2016 [1] It was based on an Italian ad where a white person turns into a black person To quote [2], "No wonder Italians aren’t resisting the African invasion – the women just love it!"


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