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Weev, Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer[1] (born September 1, 1985) is a troll who is ostensibly involved with pro-White activities, although he puts trolling first and will harm the movement to troll, as demonstrated during thotgate. He was one of the founders of Encyclopedia Dramatica with Sherrod DeHippo (sp?) and was a head administrator until the website changed to new management. Weev had been wrongly imprisoned for exposing a security flaw of AT&T and denied his legal rights and eventually was set free because he was wrongly convicted.[2] He has always been Jew-wise and his experience with the legal system increased it.[3] The only reason Andrew's real name is known is because in 2008, the US Federal government tried to frame him for threats that one of their informants made to a synagogue.[4][5]

He was kidnapped from his home and tortured. He was beaten, starved, put in solitary confinement for months where they constantly sleep deprive you by banging on the door every 10 minutes. The turn the light on when you want it off and turn it off when you want it on. It was from the "CFAA" law.[6]

He vapes.[7]

See The Fappening (the iCloud Hack). Weev tried to get Apple to tighen its security and they threw him in prison for it. Then in 2016, Apple pretended to care about security for publicity.

September 2017, RamZPaul contacted the FBI and got Weev banned from After the bashlash, Ramzpaul deleted various posts on Twitter including his "Maybe Breivik had a point". Others in the Alt-Lite such as Laura Loomer and James Allsup also had reported Weev.[8][9][10][11]

Activism for The Daily Stormer


He also saved The Daily Stormer from attack, see Daily Stormer#JIDF attacks.[12]

March 2016, he remotely hacked several universities sent advertisements for The Daily Stormer to all of the accessible printers and fax machines on campus.[13][14] These included University of Massachusetts Amherst, Smith College, and Northeastern University in the Commonwealth, and Princeton University, Brown University, DePaul University, and the University of Southern California.[15] Andrew Anglin, founder of The Daily Stormer, said, “Of course I endorse it. Six million percent, I endorse this glorious action.”[16]

April 2016, people in Germany copied his method and flooded universities with a German-language version of politically incorrect speech.[17] The German media is extremely controlled and so refused to print the entire thing, but printed some quotes. These included “Europe, awake!”, “Europe is being flooded by enemy strangers”, “the words of a former European führer”, and "#DailyStormer".[18]

May 2016, after Weev posted on the internet how easy it is to hack electric billboard signs a Twitter user nicknamed Johnny Cockring put up a porn meme of Marco Rubio on two billboards in Alabama.[19]

In 2017, he warned everyone of the bitcoin-spinoff, Ethereum, having no value and being easily hacked before it fell.

Jew or not?

In 2012, Weev told Gawker that he had Jewish ancestry, but that was right before he was being sent away to prison so he may have done that as a hoax to get better treatment from the United States jewdicial system. Weev had a long history of writing antisemitic statements and so claiming to be of Jewish ancestry after that is a defense.[20] He has not addressed this issue after prison so whether he was serious or not is unknown.

He later denied being jewish on his YouTube channel and website He said that his mother lied to him about having distant jewish ancestry after he said a lot of antisemitic things. Weev later investigated his ancestry and found it false. It's basically a Baby Boomer thing where you claim to have Amerindian or some other nonwhite ancestry for street cred. There's even a WIndian in the US Congress.

Scientific paper troll

September 2, 2016, he posted a hoax video, A most curious case of censorship in a quest for honest science

He claimed he had posted links to a scientific paper about GPS and relativity that was removed in real time. Everyone Googled for the paper and found many copies were available. Weev posted a reply in the comments, "you can see my attempt to cache it at a timestamp last night when it was down last night. " but on closer inspection, you see that he did not archive a link to the site but he archived a Google cache of of the site and Google didn't have a cache of that specific link because no one had put that specific link out for Google to crawl and cache before. And if you point this out to him, once you log out of YouTube, you see your comment no longer is visible, only when you log in.

Weev also in the video said that nuclear fission and fusion do not exist. E=mc^2 did not originate with Einstein. In 1873, Nikolay Umov pointed out a relation between mass and energy for ether in the form of Е = kmc^2. If you attempt to explain how a nuclear fission chain reaction works, or that you can tour the radiated city of Pripyat (near Chernobyl), again your comment does not appear when you log out.



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