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PETITION: Remove judge Kimba Wood from Michael Cohen's case. Kimba led George Soros's wedding and Hillary Clinton tried to make Kimba the US attorney general


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Espionage or spying is unlike other forms of intelligence work in that it involves accessing the place where the desired information is stored. One form is industrial espionage.

Sometimes spies are moles (who are recruited before they get access to secrets) or defectors (who are recruited after they get access to secrets).


The United States and NSA has Israel do a lot of its spying. A lot of what the US government is doing is illegal so they're offshoring it to Israel. The Israeli government is spying on every US man, woman, and child supported by the US government.[1] The USA also allows Israel to operate espionage cells in the USA and keep their spies immune from prosecution. Even when arrested for something extremely heinous like with the Dancing Israelis on 9/11, they're just sent back to Israel and not prosecuted.[2]

In 2015, University of California, Berkeley invented a cockroach-sized robot for surveillance.[3]


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