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White privilege canard

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Typical discrimination in the 21st century
White privilege: So poor you have to sell your own children! Has nobody read Charles Dickens where there were many poor, British, homeless orphans?

The White privilege canard is a Jewspeak and Europhobic canard invented by Paula Rothenberg (who also coined the phrase "stealth racism"). It is artificially constructed and promoted as a bête noire in the Cultural Marxist dialectic of Critical Race Theory, almost exclusively by communist Jews. Its purpose is part of a Jewish supremacist strategy to negate the objective reality of the contemporary Jewish domination of the mass media, finance, business, cultural and political functions of Western society as a hostile minority, when measured against their demography. Jews who promote the "white privilege" canard, such as Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Leonard Zeskind and others, seek to incite envy in the less industrious coloured races; whom Talmudism teaches are "irrational animals";[1] in the hopes of inciting genocidal race war in society a la South Africa and Zimbabwe.

It is essentially a continuation of the older Jewish socio-political strategy, where they would usurp the leadership of negro political movements, for instance that of Marcus Garvey and then create front-groups such as the NAACP, which the Jews could then use to direct and whip up the negroes into a frenzy for their own ends. Usually promoting communism through them. During the Cold War, the KGB supported this strategy as part of the Venona Project, which was meant to undermine the geopolitical rivals of the Soviet Union by inciting social unrest.[2]

The top privilege in the world is Jewish privilege.

There are white privilege conferences all over the world where people speak about how white people oppress everyone else and have everything easy in life, are all rich, etc.[3] What if there were such conferences about Jewish privilege, how Jews oppress everyone, are all rich, have everything easy, run the media, banks, education, government, and so on? How would people react then?

The white privilege canard also is used to oppress and persecute: men, Christians, and non-perverts.[3]


In 2014, a study by even the Jew York Times found that the income gap between South Asians and Jews vs. the rest of America is far greater than the income gaps between blacks and whites.[4]

White have the highest rate of suicide, 14.2 per 100,000 people, higher than even 11.7 per 100,000 people among Amerindians. White males have the highest suicide of any group as white males accounted for 70% of all suicides in 2013.[5]

Jew disproves it

A jew, Jessie Kahnweiler, who has dark brown skin but thinks she passed for white, which she doesn't. She looks Pakistani, Arab, or mestizo. She went around trying to get arrested to to prove white privilege. She didn't get arrested and falsely claimed it was "white privilege" when she in no way looks white. However all she proved was nonwhite privilege, jewish privilege, and female privilege.[6][7]

It's legal to murder a white person for saying "nigger"

48-year-old David Grant, a white math tutor, died after a heated argument in a parking lot with his 28-year-old black student Joni Donley over payment for tutoring. Donley claimed to the police that Grant had said "nigger"; for this Donley murdered him on July 18, 2012. Because of the completely unprovable claim that Grant said "nigger" and he was white, the government decided to drop all charges and let Donley get away with it. If both were black, well blacks say "nigga" all the time and perhaps that's why the conviction rate for black on black crime is so low.[8][9] The state attorney of Broward County who dropped all the charges was Michael J. Satz, a jew!

The mainstream media, which features endless nonsense stuff on its front page like "Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1" completely hid the story. A white killing a black for calling him a racial slur would be front page news all over the world and there's no way a white person ever would get away for such an act![10]


February 2016, Myrtle Cothill, a 92-year-old widow who was born in Britain wanted to spend the “end of her days” with her only child in Britain. But the British government insists she return to South Africa where she will be murdered for the color of her skin. Britain lets in millions of nonwhites each year but even white people born in Britain they kick out. This is "white privilege".[11]



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