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White country

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White countries compared to East Asia.

A white country is a nation founded by people of European ancestry and has a predominantly white population. This includes countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which are outside of Europe because white people founded these nations rather than the native people and they ran the government which the native people did not.

Demographic genocide

If a white country is overrun by nonwhite mass immigration, it ceases to be a white country. For example, South Africa initially had a very small population of Khoisan (a Subsaharan-African ethnic group based in Southern Africa that is a distinct race from the main negroid race based in the Congo.) White people began settling the area in 1652 and quickly outnumbered the Khoisan. White people also founded the nation of South Africa, just like the founded the nation of Canada, Australia, and so on rather than the natives there so South Africa was a white country. Again, if immigrants land somewhere, conquer it, and found a government run by the immigrants, it is founded by them and not the native people. South Africa while founded by white people, was founded based on slave labor and eventually imported so many that that white people became a minority in their own country.[1] This is not the first time this has happened, it is simply very well documented.

Similar things have happened in the Middle East and India.[2] India itself originally had people living in the southern tip by the ocean who were of Australoid descent and worshipped a traditional polytheistic religion rather than Hinduism.[3] The Yamna culture in Eastern Europe spread out carrying the Indo-European language and its beliefs such as reincarnation across Eurasia stretching from Ireland all the way to northern India. These white people founded the Vedic culture and nation in India around 1800BC. They needed labor so they went south and brought in these Dravidian peoples.[4]

While Jews bear some of the blame for bringing slaves into South Africa, the demographic genocide of India and the Middle East happened long before Jews came to power. In all cases, the blame for demographic genocide falls squarely on race traitors who betray their own people and their nation.

r/K Selection

One major cause is r/K Selection. A propserous nation becomes victim of its own success. With so much abundance, life becomes easy and those who are less intelligent and breed more will breed out the more intelligent. All brown races other than East Asians are much more r-selected than white people and so when life is easy, they will outbreed whites. In post-1965 times, it is much worse because of the welfare system that pays the dumbest of all people as a whole (from all races) to outbreed everyone else.[5]

“The UK is Never Going to be White Again”

The fact of the matter is, the UK is never going to be White again. It’s just not going to happen. People can wish it, but it’s not realistic.
— Deeyah Khan, an Arab-Paki mongrel speaking on the BBC, August 2016[6]

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