UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

War in Syria (2011–present)

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All these many pressing crises, millions dying and the USA does nothing. Then during a fake crisis staged by Israel (who murders millions of civilians a year) happened in Syria, the USA tries to do huge military action to intervene.

The War in Syria, sometimes refered as the "Syrian Civil War" (it is not actually a civil war because all the people fighting against Syria are foreign mercenaries hired by the US and Israel), is a war against the state and people of Syria under the moderate Baathist government of Bashar al-Assad. It is one of the many Soros Pseudo-Revolutions. The main hands behind it are the Israelis and the Al-Qaeda-supporting Salafists (particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey). Governments controlled by Jews, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France have been supporting the terrorists against Syria, while on the other hand Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have supported Syria. The Jews want Assad to be overthrown so that Iran has no strong ally for the future War for Israel in Iran; that is the main purpose of the war.

AIPAC has been a major lobbying force behind it.[1] Also everyone Jewish, especially rabbis brings up the Holohoax.[2] Obama's administration even urged The Zionist State in Palestine to attack Syria's army, which is unusual in that it's usually the other way around.[3] Hillary Clinton's emails also showed the plan was to destroy Syria for Israel[4] and help fund ISIS.[5]

"Rebels" aka. ISIS

The "rebels" are Israel-USA mercenaries (the group called ISIS[6]) who have been launching chemical weapon attacks on innocent civilians in false flag attacks to frame Syria, which they admit.[7] The USA and Britain even had foreknowledge of these chemical attacks.[8] The "rebels" seize bibles and food aid for the people.[9] Evidence shows Turkey is one of the countries that sold chemical weapons to the "rebels".[10] Further invesitgation has found that many of the weapons these militants use are actually being supplied by Israel.[11] Israel even gives free medical treatment to the terrorists posing as rebels, and then gives them fresh weapons and gear, and then sends them right out again.[12]

One terrorist on the payroll of the USA and UK works both as a "rebel" and pretended to be a gas attack victim.[13] The real gas attack victims turned out based on a UN inspection to be kidnapped hostages, meaning someone kidnapped civilians to stage a gas attack.[14]

The hired "rebels" in Syria also are raping and murdering little girls in Syria for the act of being Christian.[15] They also butcher adults and make children watch.[16] They often kidnap people, girls they repeatedly rape all the time and random them. They then cut off their labia and breasts after receiving the ransom money before returning them. For men, they cut them and drain their blood into bottles and then sell it for religious ceremonies as a sacrifice.[17]

The US military and intelligence agencies have found that the "rebels" are the ones using the gas attacks but all the major media in the USA only parrots the lies of the Zionist politicians.[18][19]

The USA continued this propaganda campaign in 2015.[20]


Syria reported that on March 25, 2014, it intercepted a phone call between two terrorists who were planning to launch chemical weapons on the city of Jobar and frame the government for it.[21]

The USA during the same year 2014, did all it could to block international groups from halting the massive genocide of the Gaza Holocaust.[22]

In February 2015, the USA upgraded the ISIS "Syrian rebels" by giving them armored pickup trucks and communication tools to call-in airstrikes.[23]

Syria occassionally has been shooting down US military drones.[24]

Syrian towns Nubl and al-Zahra in Northern Aleppo province had been occupied by the "Free Syrian Army" (aka. ISIS and other terrorist mercenaries) since July, 2012. In Februay 2016, they were liberated by Syria and they celebrated their freedom.[25][26]

Women in Syria and their children were left behind while all their men fled to Europe.[27]

The United States mainstream media has a full blackout on the fact that when the US says they're going to fight ISIS, they are actually violating international law by invading a sovereign nation against the will of its legal ruler, who is Bashir al-Assad. Assad was initially okay with the US bombing ISIS, but then came out and said they were lying and not actually bombing ISIS. Russian intelligence also found that the USA was just bombing random spots in the desert instead of ISIS.[28][29]

The US bombings in Syria are illegal under international law because they are not sanctioned by the Syrian government or its citizens. These bombings mainly kill native Syrian civilians, including children.[30]

Former US Diplomat Names Israel as Major Driver for Syria War

Germany's Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack "Most Likely Staged"

It has happened before

In 1957, former UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and US President Dwight Eisenhower approved a CIA-MI6 plan to use Islamic extremists and false flag attacks to topple the Syrian government.[31]

2016 Syria nearly won

By early 2016, with Russia's help, Syria had defeated the Israel-US mercenary group known as ISIS.

The question of course then became: When this is finished in a few months, is Angela Merkel going to send all her rapist children back to where they came from? The answer is obviously “no,” given that only about 1% of these “migrants” come from Syria. This “migrant crisis” actually has nothing at all to do with fleeing civil wars and everything to do with turning Europe into non-European.[32]

Then on April 25, 2016, US President Obama made a final effort o save ISIS.[33]

The USA, Israel, and ISIS have not given up. May 2016, Iran confirmed that it has suffered “heavy casualities” of at least 700 dead from its ground forces fighting ISIS near the Syrian city of Aleppo.[34]

With Russia's help, the USA agreed to a ceasefire early September 2016. The USA had been illegally bombing Syria's government to support ISIS for years. The USA couldn't keep the ceasefire up for more than about a week and just continued bombing Syrian military bases to support ISIS. The US government just won't stop their illegal war crimes.[35][36] Then the US pentagon demanded that Russia stop defending Syria and further demanded that Syria stop defending itself against ISIS.[37]


A revolution is usually done by the people not by importing foreigners to rebel against the people.
— Bashar al-Assad (President of Syria), 6 January 2013 speech[38]



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