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Vincent Reynouard

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"Truth does not fear debate." - Vincent Reynouard
Vincent Reynouard

Vincent Reynouard (born February 18, 1969 in Boulogne-Billancourt) is a French chemical engineer,[1], a math professor,[2] and historian. With a wife and eight children, the Frenchman Vincent Reynouard, is a chemical engineer by training, a graduate of the ISMRA (“Institute of sciences of atomic matter and radiation”) in Caen (Normandy). He readily presents himself as a traditionalist Catholic and does not hide his ultra-conservative political opinions. But, most important, he publicly disputes, in his DVDs and writings, the conventional version of Second World War history. He is one of those researchers who declare themselves to be "revisionists" and who are called "deniers" by others because they do not believe in the existence of homicidal gas chambers in the wartime German concentration camps.

In 2005, Reynouard wrote and sent to numerous tourism offices, museums and town halls a 16-page brochure entitled "Holocaust? Here’s what’s kept hidden from you…” (Holocauste? Ce que l'on vous cache), in which he took a view altogether opposite to that of academic history. French justice immediately pounced upon him.

His trial in 2007 at the criminal court in Saverne (Alsace) resulted in a sentence of one year's imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 euros and an order to pay damages of 3,000 euros to the antiracist league “LICRA”. In June 2008, the court of appeal in Colmar upheld the prison sentence and ordered him to pay a total of 60,000 euros (a 20,000 euro fine, damages, mandatory publication of the ruling and court fees). Severity as never seen before.

Since he resides in Belgium, France launched a European arrest warrant for Reynouard in order to make him serve the prison sentence ordered by the Colmar court. On July 9th he was imprisoned by the Belgian police, pending his extradition to France. All of which leads him to say: "When people can think of no other way but imprisonment to get rid of a verbal opponent, it’s because they have no arguments." As Stefan Molyneux often says, government use of force is "Not an Argument."

Conclusion: A 41-year-old father of eight was in prison for his historical research, because of the Gayssot Act. He was released from French prison on April 5, 2011.[3]


Vincent Reynouard: "I Am Not Charlie"


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