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Trotskyism is a Zionist Bolshevist Jewish intellectual movement allied to and historically sponsored by high finance; principally the Jewish banking houses of New York City. It presents itself as the "true" form of Marxian communism avoiding Stalin's 'mistakes', e.g. purges.

The movement was founded and named after Leon Trotsky—born Lev Bronstein—a Jewish mass murderer personally involved in carrying out the Bolshevik capture of Russia and a former leader of the Red Army during the genocide of 13 million Russians under Vladimir Lenin. He advocated unity between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.

Bronstein - like many other of the numerous Jews in Bolshevism - came into a power struggle with Joseph Stalin and was forced into exile from the Soviet Empire. Apparently the preferred candidate for the bankers, Trotsky, as a Jewish globalist promoted Zionism, cultural perversion and so-called immediate "Permanent Revolution", to achieve world subversion and enslavement. Because Trotskyism was tolerated in the West, as a card to play against Stalin, its most noted figures are from there. The Fourth International was established in France in 1938. Jewish Trotskyist conspirators in France included Pierre Frank [1] and Daniel Bensaïd, [2] while in Britain it included Yigael Gluckstein [3] and Isaac Blank. [4] Goy useful idiot James P. Cannon was the most noted US proponent.

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  1. Secretariat of the Fourth International from 1948 to 1979
  2. Founder and leading theorist of the Revolutionary Communist League
  3. Founder of the Socialist Worker's Party
  4. Leader of the Militant tendency, which subverted the Labour Party

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