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Trotsky-Lenin Holocaust

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Trotsky-Lenin Holocaust forms part of the Red Holocaust which took place from the initial enslavement of the Russian Empire under Bolshevism in 1917, up until the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924. It has been estimated that 13 million [1] Christians were exterminated during this time and almost all of the positions of power were in the hands of Jews. [2]

Role of jews in class war

Most notably the Red Army was controlled by Leon Trotsky, while the state itself was headed by Lenin. Some of the most high-profile victims of this phase of the Red Holocaust were Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his entire family. [3] Much of this was carried out under the pseudo-rationale of "class war", a Jewish invention, that makes it easy, to mass-murder non-Jewish majority in Jewish interest, (sometimes called the Red Terror), despite the fact that most of the Jews in positions of control were university educated and from middle-class backgrounds.

Recent research (von Bieberstein 2002) has proven the atrocities that jews perpetrated in Russia. Bieberstein notes how Sonja Margolina in 1992 gave this analysis (End Of Lies - Russia & jews in 20th century, p.106):

Liberal, "PC" historians shun the question of jews in communism for the obvious reason: Jews were the elite of the [communist] revolution and it's profiteers in the beginning.

Deliberate policy

Massacre of the Romanovs





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