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The herbal jew

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Jews behind marijuana: conspiracy or truth?
This is the Jewish "Father of the Hemp Movement," Jack Herer. Almost all myths you hear repeated as arguments for why pot should be legalized come from this Jew, and he just made them all up out of whole cloth.

The cannabis drug was originally called Marijuana but in January 2018, leftists deemed the term "racist" and has been expunged from the Newspeak dictionary. For this reason, it should now by referred to by its other nickname: The Herbal Jew.[1][2][3] It's called The Herbal Jew because behind the push for marijuana (or racial cuckoldry or porn or Cultural Marxism or Marxism).

Marijuana makes people leftist and while those on the left tend to be anti-Israel, marijuana does not make one anti-Israel, nor does it pro-Israel. Marijuana just dulls the emotions so one grows more apathetic to Israel and to everything except smoking pot, slacking off, and physical pleasures. That's how the brain damage of marijuana works. Gradually this effect becomes more and more permanent even after stopping and it keeps becoming more pronounced.

In all things, jews dominate the marijuana industry. They also are the leaders of the push to legalize it, which they admit is to change society. Jews also are behind all the Indian gaming casinos, running them from behind the scenes.

"Medical marijuana" is an oxymoron because a pill form of it is available and legal.[4] Proponents of marijuana simply want to smoke the drug and while there are proven medical benefits of the drug, there are a lot of negative mental side-effects of the drug. It's not a purely positive thing. For every gain, there is a harm and for purely recreational purposes, the harm outweighs the gain.

Legalizing marijuana is often a libertarian issue. However smoking marijuana can libertarian non-aggression principle in these instances:

  1. Smoking it around others who don't want it.
  2. Apartments often are not air-tight and air leaks between apartments.
  3. If you air the marijuana smoke out of your home and it blows outside to others that don't want it.
  4. The smoke residue particles cling to things and then can later become loosened and stink up the air of someone that doesn't want it.
  5. Driving while high.

Marijuana isn't just a stink, it is a drug that goes out in the air. The only way to smoke it without violating the non-aggression principle is to have a detached home and a powerful air filter that sucks up all the air and doesn't let go outside. Even the top of the line air filters tend to be weak against smoke. If you have your windows open and some neighbor starts burning garbage, you can close them fast but that smoke stink isn't going to go away very fast from even the most powerful air filters alone; you have to wait for the air not to stink and then open all your windows and it will take days.

Of course taking the marijuana drug in non-smoked form as long as you're not driving or doing surgery is perfectly acceptable. And in such cases, police attacking people for this are being terrorists harming people for a victimless crime.

Forms of marijuana that don't go into the air are: brownies, cookies, cakes, drinks, pills, and so on.

Mental changes

THC is a poison that mimics natural anandamide and binds to molecular targets on brain, clogging them up and disrupting them.
An example of a mental change

Marijuana is highly associated with Cultural Marxist values and generally changes people mentally toward adopting Cultural Marxist viewpoints. For instance, Prussian Blue was originally a band of two women singing about supporting their heritage. The stars say marijuana changed their minds so they gave up their values.[5]

Regular marijuana has long-lasting negative impacts on the structure and function of the user's brains. The amount of brain damage is especially severe in people who started in adolescence. Research has shown that after repeated use, marijuana's adverse impact on learning and memory is basically permanent, with notable IQ drops. It also gives withdraw symptoms.[6] Adults who have long-term drugged with the herbal jew have reduced verbal memory.[7][8]

It worsens schizophrenia (tobacco smoking is found to do this as well[9]). It causes anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, and personality disturbances. It more than doubles a driver’s risk of being in an accident. Research clearly demonstrates that marijuana users experience lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to their peers who came from similar backgrounds. For example, marijuana use is associated with a higher likelihood of dropping out from school. Many studies also associate workers' marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers' compensation claims, and job turnover.[6]

Marijuana also causes birth defects, particularly neurobehavioral problems. A pregnant mother even getting a whiff of second or third-hand marijuana smoke puts her baby at risk for for a lifetime of brain damage.[6]

Marijuana damages gray matter, which is rich in neurons (nerve cells). It causes memory-related structures of the brain and makes the thalamus, stratum and globus pallidus all shrink inward and collapse inward as marijuana decreases the neurons in the brain. The thalamus controls motivation along with memory, which explained why marijuana smokers both show a strong lack of motivation and a failing memory.[10][11]

Even casual smoking of the herbal jew of just once a week has causes brain damage as found by a study by Jodi Gilman, PhD, Anne Blood, PhD, and Hans Breiter, MD, of Northwestern University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.[12]

There has always been an old saying that marijuana turns people homosexual, however little scientific research has been done on the subject. Narciso López Morales coordinator of the University Medical Clinic Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP) in Mexico has found evidence of that it does.[13][14][15]

Physical harm

Beyond the well-known mental and lung problems, it is also linked to causing heart problems including death through cardiac arrest.[16][17][18][19]

Cannabis use also changes the size and shape of sperm, reducing male fertility.[20] It also is linked to testicular cancer.[21]

It has many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco and is found to increases lung cancer risk.[22] It also increases heart rate.[23]

Use it The Herbal Jew causes chemical dependence. People stopping it experience withdraw symptoms.[24][25] About 9 percent of users become addicted. The chance of addiction increases the younger the person starts using it. Withdrawal symptoms including irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, anxiety, and drug craving.[26]

People who start smoking marijuana young enter puberty early and as a result it stunts their growth by an average 11.684 centimeters (4.6 inches). It also increases obesity.[27]

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is another of the many harms that marijuana causes the body. It's caused simply by smoking marijuana for a long time, "the pain was unbearable, like somebody was wringing my stomach out like a washcloth."

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome includes lots of vomiting, nauseau, and stomach cramps! It can only make your kidneys fail!

Taking a hot shower reduces the pain but only until the hot water stops running. The solution is to stop smoking pot. Stoners who refuse have tried many other methods that all failed: They have been to the emergency room dozens of times, tried anti-nausea drugs, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants, endured an upper endoscopy procedure and two colonoscopies, seen a psychiatrist and had his appendix and gallbladder removed.

With marijuana legalized so commonly, millions of stoners are now affected!

Not all doctors recognize it though. It takes the average stoner seven trips to the emergency room, five doctor appointments, four hospitalizations, lots of studies, multiple CT scans and exploratory surgery -- until the doctor determines the cause and they simply say, "You're smoking too much pot." This runs up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.[28][29]

THC Overdose and Pets can Die if you get them High

In the above incident someone kidnapped a dog and got it high on marijuana.

> The dog was returned to the family's front porch early the next morning, and the Thompsons counted their blessings, but their relief was short lived when the dog started having seizures.
> "His eyes were also rolled in the back of his head and his eyes were wide open," said Aiden, the dog's owner. Following an emergency trip to a veterinarian's office, they were told the dog had been given a marijuana edible and was experiencing a THC overdose.
> "Usually they suffer from ataxia, which is uncontrolled movement, they are wobbly, pupils are dilated, some animals get really excitable, some fall into a comma, some will have seizures, there's usually vomiting involved, it’s not a pleasant experience,” Monique Brown, Patrice Manager of Pets First Animal Hospital explained.
> "Not funny at all, dangerous, scary.”

Myths used to support liberalization

Washington/Jefferson myth

Pot advocates often note that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew and advocated the culture of hemp. However, records state that they grew hemp for fibers used in the production of rope, paper, and clothing, and there is no evidence that they smoked or sold marijuana, despite urban legends to the contrary.[30]

Speaking of US presidents:

You know it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob, what is the matter with them?
~ Richard Nixon in [31]


Map of marijuana use around the world

There are cases where people have accidentally ingested marijuana, such as a few cookies laced with it. Despite claims marijuana is safe, the people became sick and had to be taken to a hospital. This is real marijuana and not synthetic marijuana, [32][33] which depending on the batch has caused stroke, brain damage, coma, etc.[34][35]

Since medical marijuana became legal in Colorado, many children have accidentally ingested it and had to be treated for poisoning at the hospital. They experienced extreme sedation and depression to the brain and nervous system that shut down their breathing and caused lack of oxygen.[36] Recreational marijuana later became legal in Colorado as well.[37]

Secondhand and thirdhand smoke

Tobacco is known for secondhand smoke, which is breathing it in while another person is smoking, and thirdhand smoke which is the smoke residue dust. While many people dislike tobacco smoke, it does not get you intoxicated or make you fail a drug test which marijuana smoke can in some cases.[38]

Secondhand pot smoke makes people high and it's intoxicating like alcohol. It can also damage your heart and blood vessels as much as secondhand tobacco smoke.[39] And like tobacco, it can seep between apartments so someone smoking medical marijuana can intoxicate their neighbors.

One can make a comparison to alcohol. Can you imagine if people preferred to get drunk by vaporizing alcohol so anyone near them immediately got drunk? A person walked by those vaporizing alcohol and then drove somewhere, became involved in an automobile accident, and was jailed for DUI (driving under the influence). Although marijuana being smoke, does not blow away like alcohol vapors, rather it lingers.

Marijuana fans like to complain about restrictions on hemp, which might not be in place if people weren't so insistent on mainly taking this drug through the air.

There is a pill form of marijuana named Marinol which is totally legal even where medical marijuana is not. The difference is people take marinol in a pill and medical marijuana is taken through the air. Doctors prescribe people medications by pills all the time and they swallow their drugs by pills and do not smoke them, while marijuana is the only medication people smoke.

In March 2012 in San Francisco, a dying cancer patient was kicked out of hospital for using medical marijuana with a vaporizor. The reason was that she took it through the air and it affected other patients.[40][41] Hospitals have people taking countless medications and if the patients are too sick to swallow pills, the staff put the medicine in their IV tubes (injection). The patients do not smoke or vaporize their drugs. If everyone at a hospital took all their drugs through the air, a lot of patients would end up dead.

Thirdhand Smoke is found everywhere smokers go as smoke residue clings to thing and gradually sheds off.[42]

It's called The Herbal Jew


A group of Cultural Marxists, The Waldos, attending San Rafael High School coined the term 4/20 to refer to The Herbal Jew and the day 4/20 to celebrate such. Very strangely, April 20th was Hitler's birthday. Over time the origin story of this 4/20 was lost in rumors, but they probably wanted to replace April 20th with something other than Hitler's birthday.[43][44][45]

Propaganda and promotion

In the state of Colorado, KFC sells marijuana in its businesses.[46]

Israel farms marijuana and then exports it to sell to other countries.[47]



Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


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