UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

Daily Stormer

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The Daily Stormer
This is the original logo. In 2015, the site changed its logo and then eventually began changing its logo about once every 1-2 weeks.
Type News articles, podcasts, essays, commentary
Purpose American nationalism
Alternative media
White nationalism
Key people
Michael Byron, Lee Rogers, Spartacus, Eric Striker, Weev, Zeiger
Website See bottom of page for Tor and regular web links. (When the site has a domain, don't use OpenDNS. That company is illegally censoring the domain.)
The Serrano bit refers to Miguel Serrano who wrote a book on Esoteric Hitlerism.
The Daily Stormer's September 2016 logo with Pokemons and Adolf Hitler.
The Daily Stormer changed its logo to this on November 14, 2016. And: Poll: Daily Stormer Ranked “Most Trusted” Republican News Outlet
January 22, 2017 -- The Daily Stormer became "The world's #1 PewDiePie fansite." It's not a racist site, it's merely a PewDiePie fansite. Like here, the site says those people who gang-raped a Swedish woman and streamed it live on Facebook likely were just blonde Swedish men. See, not racist.
Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars replied to JK Rowling, 3:01 AM - 27 Feb 2017, on Twitter, said: "Cue next Daily Stormer banner image "Number 1 JK Rowling fan site"."

March 6, 2017 banner, "Andrew Anglin's The Daily Stormer: The World's #1 J.K. Rowling Fansite" with JK Rowling in SS uniform and Harry Potter from the film Imperium sieg heiling.

The Daily Stormer is an alternative media and pro-European blog. The project was founded in July 2013 by Andrew Anglin, who had previously been associated with Mike Delaney of Prothink and edited the website Total Fascism affiliated with that network. Anglin is joined on Daily Stormer by other contributors such as Benjamin Garland, Brett Light, Sven Longshanks and Clement Pulaski. The Jew-wise project is named for Julius Streicher's weekly newspaper Der Stürmer.[1] Anglin at times has promoted NS feminism[2] and some of his contributors also have been pro-feminism.[3]

Detractors also claim Anglin is a "white supremacist", however he lives in Nigeria now, fleeing to avoid lawsuits, and the Nigerian people simply view someone with in-group preferences for their own race as normal. It looks like the mainstream media isn't investing in propagandizing Nigeria like the rest of the world.

The website has a forum and contributors worldwide and in 2016, it started a Spanish-language edition. The founder, Andrew Anglin, now lives in Nigeria, as he says here and speaks about how the Nigerians share his conservative values. Months after moving there, Nigerian groups began pressuring authorities to deport him.[4][5]

It is typically a high-quality alternative media website, keeping readers informed of relevant world events hidden by the Jewish-controlled news media. It also runs regular historical, spiritual, and lighthearted content. Daily Stormer has a traditional Christian perspective, and as to the humor, Anglin says, "My goal is that anyone who comes to this site laughs out loud at least once every visit."[1] Since the site has begun, Andrew has put in 70 to 80 hour work weeks.[6]

Popularity and fame

The site is more popular than,,,, and[7]

Back on October 10, 2014, The Daily Stormer was among the most visited pro-European websites, with a global Alexa ranking of 28,812, compared to Stormfront's 22,451; in the United States, Daily Stormer actually beat the established White nationalist forum, placing 10,749 to 10,809 respectively. Alexa analytics indicate a disproportionately college-educated viewership.[8][9]

In the UK, 7 out of 12 of its major ISPs block the website falsely as pornography. This also makes sense why David Cameron pushed to make ISPs block adult content by default, so alternative media would be blocked by default.[10]

Hundreds of people from Israel read the website each day.[11]

After the Dylann Storm Roof incident, the website has had had more notoriety since the SPLC claimed Roof had posted on the website. Anglin has even been interviewed by the LA Times.[12] A week later, the Russian government’s international media outlet, Sputnik, too notice of Anglin expressing support for Donald Trump and wrote an article[13] which Anglin described as attacking his website. The article also attacked White History Month. It is also odd that the Russian government would bash the only candidate that would improve ties between the USA and Russia.[14]

MIT Postdoctoral Fellow Chanda Prescod-Weinstein has consistently directed denigrating Twitter and Facebook posts at America, the Founding Fathers, and white males including calls to "burn whiteness down". Anglin looked up her Twitter and found she had already preemptively blocked his Twitter without any prior contact.[15]

In an April 2016 survey of 1880 readers, only 19.31% of the readership said they were driven by hatred.[16]

On the morning of July 7, 2016, there was a during the James Comey Congressional hearing about how Hillary Clinton is above the law. During it, a bow-tied negroid congressman, Lacy Clay of Missouri, praised how crooked Hillary got away with multiple felonies then began talking about what he claimed were "hate groups". He then said, "Let me ask about a more direct question. A gentleman named Andrew Anglin is the editor of a website called The Daily Stormer that is dedicated to the supremacy of the White race as well as attacking Jews, Muslim and others." He then said Anglin may incite violence somehow.[17] That same evening, in Dallas, Texas, a black man, Micah Xavier Johnson, went on a mass murder spree against white people. The person who inspired that black man to do that was president Obama himself![18]

July 2016, top Turkish journalist, Cengiz Candar, quoted Andrew about the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan coup being a hoax and linked to The Daily Stormer.[19]

August 2016, Time Magazine featured an article, Why we're losing the Internet to the culture of hate by Joel Stein that complained about The Daily Stormer.[20]

Duane Pohlman

Late July 2015, Jewish reporter Duane Pohlman of Columbus, Ohio news station NBC4 went to the home of Andrew's mother, to which he already knew Andrew did not live at. He then, while pretending he was looking for Andrew, harassed his mother and then later put her home on television. Putting her home on television was to solicit violent acts of terrorism against her. Pohlman already knew how to actually contact Andrew beforehand. If Andrew had done the same thing to Pohlman's mother and then put a photo of her home on his website, he would be in jail right now. His mother now fears for her safety at home, and will be moving, at great expense to herself because of Pohlman.[21][22]


There is a regular podcast radio show associated with the network named Stormer Radio.

Ben Garrison was once frequently the butt of jokes, however this harassment of him tarnishes what Anglin works for. So Anglin stopped.

While Anglin is criticized for being critical of women, he has featured white nationalist women on his website such as Evalion.[23][24][25][26][27] He also gave kudos to a Muslim woman who was fired from the United Cuckdom's government for writing on Twitter that Adolf Hitler is the greatest man in history.[28]

New World Order attacks

The hundreds of JIDF agents are hacking and doing denial of service attacks upon The Daily Stormer each second. Anglin has to hire expensive tech people to deal with fixing the site from hacking attempts.

During the summer of 2014, Jews sent DDoS attacks to try to shut the website down.[29][30] After summer, they took the Art & Humor and Shill Watch sections down from their frontpage.

The site went down from August 10, 2015 until August 15, 2015. The reason was because the people who ran the backbone of the internet blocked access to his website. Here is the list of people who have previously been shut off at this level:

  • Child pornographers
  • Al-Queda terrorists
  • Bittorrent sites (or others violating DMCA)
  • 8chan -- because it allows both non-nude child modeling and talking honestly about Jews. Non-nude child modeling sites alone have never had this happen to them, only because 8chan also talks honestly about Jews.

This time they blocked the Daily Stormer purely because it talks honestly about Jews. It was only through the work of Weev that the Daily Stormer was able to go back up.[31]

As of early July 2016, the international jewry have kicked The Daily Stormer off:[6]

  • PayPal
  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Patreon
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Disqus
  • Google Wallet
  • Liberapay

Plus several others Andrew can't remember and multiple web servers.

Domain robbery

Anglin summarized:[32]

The filthy kike that engineered the shutdowns is named Amy Siskind. She spent almost a decade in distressed debt at major investment banks, then since the Obama term she’s been a Democratic party lobbyist. Think of this: Jew bankers running the Democrats get to censor their opposition from the Internet. The mind reels. Do you think this is what the framers intended for the public discourse to be when they wrote this?

> Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Indeed, the Supureme Court already litigated this issue in Marsh v. Alabama decades ago. The court declared in which it ruled that a state trespassing statute could not be used to prevent the distribution of religious materials on a town’s sidewalk although the sidewalk was part of a privately-owned company town. The Court held that the property rights of a private entity are not sufficient to justify the restriction of a community of citizens’ fundamental rights and liberties. It is inherently obvious that a corporation can’t buy the sidewalks outside your house and refuse to let you walk on them because you have an opinion Jews want to silence.

Of course, we weren’t really walking on another company’s sidewalk. We were using our own domain, which belonged to us alone, with the domain name registry system which up until the Obama administration was a branch of the United States government.

And here we are now, our domains seized at the behest of filthy, scheming kikes in every country in the world. When will someone do something about these Jews? How much evidence do we need that they are a subversive force whose continued existence will destroy liberty in every nation of the world? For as long as these kikes are allowed to run free with no retaliation there will be none of our god-granted Constitutional freedoms and we will not have a Republic.

8/13/17, GoDaddy gave them 24 hours to transfer the domain. 8/14/17, they stupidly moved to Google Domains (worst choice) who immediately banned the domain. So they moved to the Dark Web.[33] Which can accessed through a Torbrowser http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/ and that's all Weev had to update at here.

8/24/17 the Stormer registered with DreamHost, which has made a point of being neutral on legal content, as "". The same day the nameservers of DreamHost were subjected to a massive DDoS taking over one million websites offline. DreamHost cancelled the Stormer's registration, citing technical disruption. "Anonymous" claimed responsibility on Twitter for this act of terrorism against legal speech as part of their #OpDomesticTerrorism action. They claim to have used proprietary "Wotan 8" software. Companies so far that haven stolen various dailystormer domain names: GoDaddy, Google, Namecheap, Namesilo, Dreamhost, Russian government. Cloudflare also refused to route traffic for them but then BitMitigate offered.

8/27/2017, the site moved to Within hours, OpenDNS began illegally censoring the domain. It worked on regular DNS.[34] The domain has been cancelled under orders from the Albanian government. The registrar said they were sorry because they support free speech.

9/6/2017, the site got in Austria of all places.[35] 9/11, EasyDNS robbed the domain like all the others.[36] The site lasted more than a day because he blocked viewing the site in Germany and Austria. But each time the issue is he trusts sites to obey their own Terms of Service instead of making things up as they go.[37]

9/14/2017, the site set up in Iceland and it takes an act of parliament to get an Icelandic (.is) domain robbed. And soon after The Daily Stormer set up, Iceland's parliament took a long recess due to some sex scandal. The Spanish-language edition didn't go up on the .is section, though, but a few days prior, it went up on Tor. Tor also is heavily throttling The Daily Stormer there so it barely functions on Tor.

9/29/2017, Jens of Iceland's .is domains robbed The Daily Stormer's domain on a technicality saying Anglin was not providing proof of his physical location.[38] Anglin then made a lot of angry comments on

9/30/2017, late in the day, The Daily Stormer moved to a .cat domain of Catalonia and has then started publishing articles encouraging Catalonia's independence from Spain. But by 10/6/2017, the registrar puntCAT betrayed them and robbed their domain name showing Catalonia does not deserve independence.[39] This is despite The Daily Stormer having started a Spanish language edition a year prior.

10/10/2017, Andrew got a .ph domain for the Philippines where he used to live. He then mentioned how his website has always been very pro-Duterte and pleaded for them to let him keep a domain name there.[40] The registrar will probably immediately drop him regardless. And by October 12, Andrew forwarded the domain to and wrote on, "I want to make it clear that Duterte did not kike us - the flips is one of the only world countries that does not have control over their own domain system. This guy who kiked us is some random half Filipino who lives in Hong Kong. He somehow controls all TLDs in the Flips. I don't really understand the situation and didn't know about it when we signed up, but there it is."[41][42] 10/17/2017, they finally robbed his .ph domain but the .ai domain remained.

10/31/2017, ISIS did a mass murder terrorist attack with a truck again (another Truck of Peace) and so far none of the globalist technocracy has deplatformed a single ISIS website. Instead, hours later journalist Glenn Greenwald got The Daily Stormer banned from the .ai domains.[43] It's obvious all these globalists fully support ISIS. The mainstream media, which collectively blames all white people whenever one does something bad, as usual, says "not all Muslims" and complains about Islamophobia. The mainstream media says you can't collectively blame an ideology (which people can control) but you can collectively blame a race (which people have no control over). Anglin wrote, "So the Island of Anguilla just kiked our .ai domain. We thought it might hold because the guy who runs the registry is some hyperlibertarian cryptoanarchist type. When confronted by the Anguillan government over it, he did ask for a court order. They gave him one better. The military showing up with a bunch of guns and an emergency powers order signed by their Chief Minister. This is the first time people have had guns pointed at them because of this website, but I’m absolutely sure it won’t be the last."[32]

11/2/2017, became the new domain. On 11/6, it was shoah'd.

11/11/2017, became the new domain. By the start of 11/27/2017, the registrar robbed the domain again. Still no real net neutrality anywhere.

11/30/2017, became the new domain.[44] Afilias runs the .red domains. Afilias is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in the USA, Canada, United Cuckdom, and India. Speaking of India, a man from India during this time was Ireland's Prime Minister and Subsaharan Africans are flooding in, getting tons of welfare and then telling the Irish how "oppressive" and "racist" they are (video).[45]

1/15/2018, Daily Stormer's staff announced that their registrar was trying to rob the domain again, but doing it procedurally by demanding lots of documents first just like Iceland did.[46][47][48] The following day, he announced was working again and it had double the regular traffic of despite search engines ranking the new domain poorly.[49][50]

1/29/2018, stopped responding. A WHOIS lookup found the nameservers went to the registrar instead of BitMitigate like it's supposed to. 1/30/2018, became the new domain.[51] uses the same registrar as, which is So it appears that Afilias (who controls the .red domains) was who robbed the domain rather than The .top domains are owned by a separate company that only does .top domains.

2/1/2018, was shut down and the WHOIS information showed it had moved from to Namecheap for its registrar.

2/2/2018, became the new domain.

Trollocausts and Activism

The Daily Stormer is not the only group with a troll army. April 10, 2018, Avaaz, a self-described global web movement with a reported 46 million members, placed 100 life-sized Zuckerbergs wearing “Fix Fakebook” t-shirts on a lawn near the White House.[52]

"Operation: Jew Wife"

Daily Stormer launched a campaign against kosher conspiracy king, Alex Jones, or rather his main organization, Infowars. Jones is a controlled opposition leader and fear-porn merchant whose role is to make sure that twoofters who are at least partly awake to what is going on, are kept in the dark about the Jewish Question. Part of the reason that Jones does this is because he has a Jewish wife; Jones constantly invokes "the Nazis," "Germanic death cults," and "Operation Paperclip" as his boogeymen. The troll campaign, which targeted the comments section of Jones' website, Infowars, mentioned these facts. Jones first responded to the campaign on his show in August 2014, trying to distract attention from what the Jews are doing to the world. Later, on 15 August, he even threatened to have Anglin's "wife raped" according to the Daily Stormer. Jones' ratings then began dive bombing.

After several more raids, in fall 2015, Alex Jones suddenly switched from calling Donald Trump an agent of Hillary Clinton to fully jumping on board the Trump Train. Ever since, Infowars has been pretty reliable and covering real conspiracies. Alex still invokes Godwin's Law every few minutes, but he has a lot of other reporters that do a terrific job.

"Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch"

In October 2014, Garron Helm, a young British patriot from the righteous organisation National Action, messaged Jewish Zionist Labour Party MP Luciana Berger over Twitter and criticised her, mentioning the fact that she is a Jewess as part of this. A member of the Labour Friends of Israel, Berger had Helm arrested for thought crimes and he was sentenced by the B'rith-ish Jewdiciary to spend four weeks in a gulag for simply calling a Jew a Jew. The Jews and their tyrannical allies in the United Kingdom applauded this as an "important precedent".

Jewish supremacists and their lackeys self-evidently believe that they should be allowed to police what British men and women can and cannot say; freedom of speech is apparently a "crime", the Britons are slaves. This is tyranny. The Daily Stormer launched a Twitter counter-offensive against Berger and the Jew system, calling for her to be arrested as an enemy of the people and sent to Tel Aviv. This caused the enemy to froth at the mouth and screech; Anglin even made the front page of The Jewish Chronicle. The Labour MP John Mann; a sniveling cuckold who performs political fellatio for the Jews, in the hopes of attaining wealth and power; of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism, whined about the campaign in the British Parliament. The Jewish Speaker of the House, John Bercow, yelped that the Tweets were "beneath contempt."

Support for Ransdell

Inspired by Robert Ransdell's provocative write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, Lee Rogers announced a Daily Stormer campaign to post at least 150 lawn signs reading "WITH JEWS WE LOSE", and carrying the site's web address over "HELP END JEWISH CONTROL OF AMERICA", across southern New Hampshire. Rogers says they will be planted close to Jewish institutions in order to stir up a maximum of attention in the Jew-controlled press.[53] As reported by a local newspaper, the signs often stayed up for days amidst kosher political lawn slogans, and scandalized the easily offended. A public school principal and other school officials did what they do best, censor opposing views, and removed the signs to prevent local awareness of Jewish power.[54]


An attempt was made in October and November of 2014 to replace the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” Ferguson, St. Louis slogan with “Pants Up – Dont Loot” in hopes negroes would feel ashamed of their actions and stop destroying everything.[55][56][57] The campaign originated from 4chan's /pol/, but The Daily Stormer helped promote it[58] and the billboard was put up.[59] Sadly, the media exposure made the person trying to put up the billboard unwilling to find an advertiser and he returned the money.[60] And Michael Brown was acquitted on November 24 after the proof found him not guilty, whereas the American public believed the lies the news media spewed in their witchhunt hosting their own Stalinesque trial. Because of the acquittal, the negroes violently race rioted, smashing police cars[61], burning police cars[62], and tipping over police cars,[63] throwing molotav cocktails, burning buildings, and then having the nerve to complain about "racism".[64]

Bella and the Bulldogs

They spread awareness that children's television show Bella and the Bulldogs is racial cuckoldry propaganda.[65][66][67]

National Review Online

The site has led raids against National Review Online for its cuckservative and anti-Trump nature.[68][69][70] National Review briefly supported Donald Trump after heavy raiding in mid January 2016 before attacking him again.[71][72] During their raids, the NRO moderators delete any sort of reasoned commentary just as quickly as a crapflood of inane comments.[73] August 2016, The Daily Stormer's "Nazi Troll Army", as they call it, had foreced National Cuckview to switch from Disqus to Facebook for its comment system. The army considered this a victory because Facebook, run by Mark Zuckerberg, is a purely Orwellian Marxist-Globalist website that bans people just for supporting Donald Trump so it highlights that National Review is cuckservative.[74]

Alison Rapp

Alison Rapp is a Cultural Marxist child-sex activist who was working as public relations for Nintendo.[75] At the end of February 2016, The Daily Stormer launched a campaign to get her fired and, in one month (the end of March), she was.[76] A week later, the first week of April, people at a website called Kiwi farms found that she was working as a prostitute and so then The Daily Stormer exposed this as well.[77] Further investigation revealed she had been a prostitute since at least 2015 and this was what Nintendo was talking about when they said they fired her for moonlighting. People discovered her prostitute ads because her tattoos and her wedding ring were visible in the photos. Alison also had a husband, Jake Rapp. Rapp is her surname and he took hers, instead her taking his or one of those feminist hypenated lastnames. Alison turned her husband from a heterosexual Christian into a cuck, a homosexual, a crossdresser, and feminist. Their marriage has always been polyamorous, meaning they have sex and romances with other people. Alison works as a prostitute for men and she also pimps her turned-gay husband out as a prostitute for men. People have uncovered all of Jake's old writings on Twitter about how his wife introduced him to cuckoldry, how she convinced him to have sex with men to explore his “hetero-flex” side, and how she convinced him to get a vasectomy so he can never have children. They don't even spend Valentine's Day together and instead spend it with other lovers or customers. The zio-media painted Alison as a victim of "GamerGate harassment" and compared it to The Holocaust.[78][79][80][81]

Taylor Swift

Several people on the site helped spread the internet meme (which didn't originate on his site) that Taylor Swift was a secret white nationalist. Eventually this made its way to the mainstream media who went crazy and always mentioned The Daily Stormer and Andrew in each article.[82][83] Taylor then sent lawyers to write a letter to The Daily Stormer who then took down this trolling.[84]

Love-Hate relationship with Breitbart

November 2015, The Troll Army launched a raid on Breitbart, called Operation: Kikebart. The method was the same what worked to reform Infowars--the flood the comments section with people arguing in favor of white nationalist views. Andrew said Breitbart was at a crossroads and it was doing bad things like continuing to shill for Jews and promoting Ben Carson over Donald Trump.[85] Breitbart was half-way promoting Trump, but also printing a lot of negative stories about him which they later changed to only positive stories.

August 27, 2016, he reflected upon how Breitbart had changed. After Breitbart did half of the Anglin program, their traffic soared and they're now viewed as the enemy of by many Cultural Marxists.[86]

Nearly a year ago, I launched Operation Kikebart AKA #NoHydeNoPeace (good memories in that post), with the goal of forcing multiple editorial changes at Breitbart.

This was the list of demands:

  • Breitbart stop shilling for Jews and close down new Jerusalem office
  • Breitbart fire all Jews including but not limited to Ben Shapiro
  • Breitbart stop shilling for Blacks like Magic Ben
  • Breitbart must feature Donald Trump constantly
  • Breitbart editor step down and be replaced with Sam Hyde

Of these 5 demands, 2 have been acquiesced to – they have stopped shilling for Magic Ben and they promote Donald Trump constantly. Ben Shapiro and several other of the Jews who worked there are gone now, so you could really say 2.5 of my 5 demands have been met.

I call that a success.

But Breitbart still heavily promoted Milo Yiannopoulos as the leader of the Alt-Right and Andrew has always hated this and especially hated Milo for Milo's branding of the Alt-Right in the opposite direction that Andrew wants to take it. Andrew went from briefly saying he liked Breitbart and linking to it a lot in August 2016 to to criticizing Breitbart 3/4ths of the way into September[87] to completely opposing it and refusing to even link to it by late September because of Milo.[88]

October 2, 2016, Milo posted on Facebook, "I am convinced that Andrew Anglin is a Jew. Call it a hunch."[89]



Andrew Anglin in London

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