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The Cousinhood

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The Cousinhood is an informal name used to refer to the Jewish supremacist high finance oligarchy, which gained hegemony over the United Kingdom and the British Empire following the Napoleonic Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Headed up by the Rothschild crime family, they established domination over the economic life of the Empire, which spanned a considerable and expanding part of the globe. Through a system of Jewish privilege and racial apartheid they formed an alien dominant minority of family networks consisting of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews; this included the Goldsmith, Montagu, Nathan, Cohen, Isaacs, Abrahams, Samuel, Montefiore, Mocatta, Henriques, Kadoorie, Lousada and Mazza crime families.

See also

  • Karl Marx, a blood-relative of these crime families and considered one of their agents.
  • Sassoon family, Jewish crime family from Iraq who dragged Britain into the Opium Wars.
  • Warburg family, Jewish crime family in the United States with similar agenda.
  • Schiff family, Jewish crime family in the United States with similar agenda.
  • Oppenheimer family, Jewish crime family in South Africa with similar agenda.


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