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The Rebel

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The Rebel, previously known as the Rebel Institute for New World Order Studies, Ziopedia and Rebel News is an alternative media website founded in 2005 run by Australian activist Rebel of Oz. Its main focus is on globalism, the New World Order, freemasonry, the Jews, the Holocaust, the climate change hoax, depopulation, mind control and other topics. It features regularly updates news from various dissident activists, specific articles, videos, blogs and an online book library of revealing books (including by Douglas Reed, Germar Rudolf, Israel Shahak, Eustace Mullins and others). The blog section of the site features the likes of Christopher Bollyn, Dick Eastman, John Kaminski, John de Nugent and others.

Apart from being a political blog and 24/7 breaking news site, the Rebel is also a Facebook-style social networking site, a YouTube-style video sharing site, a rare book archive, a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia, a WordPress-style blog site, all in one. In addition, it provides some unique features such as paid ticketing, where users can promote events and sell tickets for it, fundraising, allowing users to run their own fundraising campaigns and collect payments, and personal shopping carts for users to set up their own carts, sell their products and collect payments.

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