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  • Botswana has built an electrified WALL between itself and Zimbabwe to keep out migrants, and you don't see liberals complaining about that.

  • …The recent church shooter could not legally purchase firearms. So much for gun control. The only reason the shooter was stopped was that one of his victims legally had a gun. Also not a single mass shooter was ever a member of the National Rifle Association. The victim who shot back at the shooter and stopped him was a NRA firearms instructor.

  • The Non-GMO Project is a private organization in North America that certifies food as non-GMO including meat not fed GMO.

  • …the terrorist group, ISIS, was created by and is supported by non-Muslims to destroy Muslim nations in support of Israel. It's a terrible group full of fake Muslims. The group is analogous to the Bolsheviks, who were created by non-Europeans to destroy first the Russian and later on other European and Asian people.

  • …Every 30 minutes, Windows 10 sends all typed text to Microsoft.

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