The Electric Jew

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How much television do you watch?

Television, sometimes called The Electric Jew, is wonderful mode of transmitting information that the globalists quickly took over to push Communist propaganda.

There are of course many good television programs to watch but one be picky and look hard. Of one could just ditch their TV and then go to a torrent site and look for what TV torrents people bother to torrent. Many times when people bother torrenting them it's because the show is good. Don't download anything without a VPN!

All of the entire mainstream media is completely controlled. In the USA, just 6 people own all the major mass media networks and two are father and son. All six of them are dual US-Israeli citizens.

The media heavily promotes Bill Nye the Science Guy because he uses his fame as a fake scientist to push race denialism and genetically modified foods. He has even stated he is buddies with Monsanto.[1]

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