We need to get out and vote this year or USA Republicans will lose majority in Congress and Trump will be impeached.

See this video. By the middle of it, Tommy Robinson learns that the Metropolitan Intelligence Bureau (UK spy agency) is behind every jihadist terrorist attack in the UK.


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Subversion means undermining society by destroying its beliefs and its culture. It can be done over a few generations by using entryism, the infiltration of schools, universities, media, politics and other parts of the establishment. It is what Marxists call their Long March Through The Institutions.

It is being used today to attack civilization by Marxists using political movements like Feminism, which are designed to make women discontented, and also to decrease normal reproduction rates. Other subversives stir up colored people like blacks, using puppets like Martin Luther King to tell them that they are victims of the white man. Flooding more civilised countries with immigrants from less civilised countries is a very effective approach too. This is also paired with so called tolerance laws, that means laws, that forbide, that the inhabitants of immigration overflooded countries protect themselves by immigration stop or decrease, and returning the immigrants into their home lands.

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