UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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Illustration of SS placard
Repugnant burger chomping slob, Michael Moore. Human?

Subhuman (in German: Untermensch, which is German for under man, sub-man, sub-human; plural: Untermenschen) is a term that became more used when the National Socialist racial ideology used it to describe "inferior people", especially Jews.[1][2]

The National Socialists considered Slavs as all other non-Jewish Europeans as Aryans.


Alfred Rosenberg around 1935

Although usually considered to have been coined by the National Socialists themselves, the term "under man" in the above mentioned sense was also used by American author Lothrop Stoddard in the title of his 1922 pamphlet The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-man.[2] It was later adopted by the National Socialists from that book's German version Der Kulturumsturz: Die Drohung des Untermenschen (1925).[3] The German word "Untermensch" itself had been used earlier (not in a racial sense), for example in the 1899 novel Der Stechlin by Theodor Fontane (see below). Since most writers who employ the term do not address the question of when and how the word entered the German language (and therefore do not seem to be aware of Stoddard's original term "under man"), "Untermensch" is usually back-translated into English as "sub-human." A leading National Socialist attributing the concept of the East-European "under man" to Stoddard is Alfred Rosenberg who, referring to Soviet communists, wrote in his Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts (1930) that "this is the kind of human being that Lothrop Stoddard has called the 'under man.'" ["...den Lothrop Stoddard als 'Untermenschen' bezeichnete."][1] Quoting Stoddard: "The Under-Man -- the man who measures under the standards of capacity and adaptability imposed by the social order in which he lives.

However, it is possible that Stoddard constructed his "under man" as an antipode to Friedrich Nietzsche's Übermensch (or superman) concept. Stoddard doesn't say so explicitly, but he refers critically to the "superman" idea at the end of his book (p. 262).[2] Wordplays with Nietzsche's term seem to have been used repeatedly as early as the 19th century and, due to the German linguistic trait of being able to combine prefixes and roots almost at will in order to create new words, this development was even somewhat logical. For instance, German author Theodor Fontane contrasts the Übermensch/Untermensch word pair in chapter 33 of his novel Der Stechlin[4]. As a matter of fact, even Nietzsche himself used "Untermensch" at least once in contrast to "Übermensch" in Die fröhliche Wissenschaft (1882), however he did so in reference to semi-human creatures in mythology, naming them alongside dwarves, fairies, centaurs and so on.[5] Earlier examples of "Untermensch" include Romanticist Jean Paul using the term in his novel Hesperus (1795) in reference to an Orangutan (Chapter "8. Hundposttag").[6]

Stoddard's book-long diatribe dealt with the recent takeover of power by the Bolsheviks in Russia, arguing that that country was now ruled by the most degenerate people on the Earth. He thought that the idiocy (as he saw it) of a political creed that appealed to the vilest human instincts (e.g. jealousy towards the more gifted and the more affluent) and the supposed fact that the Communist Party's rank and file consisted of "born criminals" in the most conventional sense of the word necessitated a completely new term to describe this phenomenon: "the under man." In this sense, for Stoddard, the October Revolution was the battle cry for an upcoming, unavoidable clash of the civilized nations with the "masses of the east." If the white race was intent upon winning that confrontation with the "under man," so the message went, it had to turn away from ill-conceived liberal ideas and adopt drastic changes of policy instead, e.g. by introducing far-ranging eugenics programmes.[2]

The available literature on National Socialist Germany would not support the claim that Stoddard's writings were more to the National Socialists than a neat summary of racial, social, and political theories that already were or would soon become part and parcel of the ideology of the National Socialist party.

National Socialist propaganda and policy

The term "Untermensch" was utilized repeatedly in writings and speeches directed against the Jews, the best known example being a 1935 SS publication with the title "Der Untermensch". In the pamphlet The SS as an Anti-Bolshevist Fighting Organization, Himmler wrote in 1936: "We shall take care that never again in Germany, the heart of Europe, will the Jewish-Bolshevistic revolution of subhumans be able to be kindled either from within or through emissaries from without."[7][8][9]

Another example for using the term "Untermensch," this time in connection with anti-Soviet propaganda, is another brochure, again titled "Der Untermensch", edited by Himmler and distributed by the Race and Settlement Head Office. Published in 1942 after the start of Operation Barbarossa, it is around fifty pages long and consists for the most part of photos casting an extremely negative light on the enemy (see link below for the title page). 3,860,995 copies were printed in the German language. It was also translated into Greek, French, Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Czech and seven other languages. The pamphlet states the following:

Just as the night rises against the day, the light and dark are in eternal conflict. So too, is the subhuman the greatest enemy of the dominant species on earth, mankind. The subhuman is a biological creature, crafted by nature, which has hands, legs, eyes and mouth, even the semblance of a brain. Nevertheless, this terrible creature is only a partial human being.

Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal. Inside of this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions: an incessant need to destroy, filled with the most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted villainy. A subhuman and nothing more!

Not all of those, who appear human are in fact so. Woe to him who forgets it! Every great creation, idea, and artistic expression on this planet were brought forth by real man. It was this true man that thought to invent and to create. It is for him there is only one objective:

To pave the way to a higher form of existence, to give shape to the endless nothing, to make progress on the elusive quest for continuous improvement.

Thus evolved culture.

So just as the plough, modern tools and the concept of hearth and home helped to form human society and create the family, the people and the state. So then must mankind become good and great, rising above all other living creatures. Dwelling in the realm of God!

However, along side of mankind dwells the subhuman. This subhuman hates all that is created by man. This subhuman has always hated man, and always secretly sought to bring about his downfall, first like a thief, and then like a brazen killer.

The subhuman is united with his peers. Like beasts among beasts, never knowing peace or calm. The subhuman thrives in chaos and darkness, he is frightened by the light. These subhuman creatures dwell in the cesspools, and swamps, preferring a hell on earth, to the light of the sun.

But in these swamps and cesspools the subhuman has found its leader – The Eternal Jew! The Jew understands the desires and needs of his fellow creature. The Jew endeavors to corrupt and manipulate this horror of inhumanity until they are rallied towards a common goal in the destruction of true man.

Beginning as early on as the destruction of Persians, the Jew has glorified this destructive nature. Even honoring it and declaring the holiday Purim that celebrates the organized mass murder of 75,000 Aryan Persians, who died as victims of Jewish hatred and evil.

Even now world Jewry still glorifies this terrible act - as its greatest religious holiday.

The eternal hatred of the subhuman for mankind exists; they envy the clean and noble character of man. So they have tried to destroy what they hate, and from out of the vast deserts and endless steppes they have gathered hordes of their Huns whose leaders Attila, and Genghis Khan descended on western civilization bringing with them violence, fire and death, to every part of Europe they came.

The subhuman hordes would stop at nothing in their bid to overthrow the world of light and knowledge, to bring an apocalypse to all human progress and achievement. Their only goal is to make a desert wasteland of any nation or race that shines with creativity, goodness and beauty.

The National Socialists did not seek destruction of any European people. They only wanted to keep Europe Jew-free.

There were National Socialist anthropologists, who attempted to scientifically prove the inherent 'inferiority' of the Slavs. However, they were forced to gloss over their findings which consistently found that Early Slavs were dolicocephalic and fair haired, i.e. "Nordic"[10][11], not to mention the large proportion of Slavic ancestry in Hitler's native Austria. The concept of the Bolshevists being "Untermensch" in particular served the National Socialists as justification for their policies and especially their struggle against the Soviet Union in order to liberate it from Bolshevism. Early plans of the German Reich (summarized as Generalplan Ost) envisaged the liberation of Eastern Europe, Ukraine's "chornozem" (black earth) soil being a particularly desirable zone for liberation".

Jewish lies about this subject

Jewish and Jewish lackey sources tend to state, that National Socialists detested Slavs, Hungarians, or even Dutch people and wanted to replace all European people with Germans. Nothing proves this statement.

The same people maintain, German National Socialists wanted to expand Germany and rob country of other nations, especially of Eastern nations like Russians. In reality Germany was forced into war by Polish unwillingness to talk about Danzig and the Korridor and later on by threats and aggressivity, fueled by Great Britain, and later on by permanent Soviet provocations on the German-Soviet border.

There exist some falsifications, the most notorious is Heinrich Himmlers Posen Speech before the SS, that try to prove the above mentioned falsifications. These falsifications were fabricated after the II. world war by Jewish "prosecutors", their authencity can not be proved (for example due to bad speech quality), and they typically use words that were not used in the German Empire, and also often incorrect German grammar. In fact, National Socialist "writings" and "speeches" were fabricated after the war in such extent, that any writing or speech, whose authenticy can not be proved, can be safely treated, as a fabrication.



The Subhuman
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