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Social justice warrior

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Tumblr social justice warriors stalk and harass Ashley Rae Goldenberg and her family. This is what Communists do when people don't share their view. Even Communist Nelson Mandela would burn alive any blacks he found who weren't Communists.

A social justice warrior (SJW) is a term for a Leftist activist that first appeared in the 2010s on the Internet (especially Tumblr).[1][2] SJW means the same thing as Leftist activist and although SJW is considered derogatory, it is still a euphemism.[3][4][5][6][7] Cultural Marxist activists often branch out into terrorism because they are just a continuation of the old Bolshevik terrorists, paid protestors, and imported phony Communist revolutionaries of the 20th century.

These people like to do terrorist attacks, bomb threats, death threats, stalking, getting people fired, harassing family members, pathological lying with multiple Big Lies, and abuse the legal system to attack their victims. SJWs also use hired mobs to attack political opponents such as the ones paid by George Soros to attack Donald Trump rallies. This is standard Communist stuff and even Julius Streicher mentioned the Communists doing this in Austria and Germany back in the 1910s. SJWs have also attacked very mild groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens. The police don't care because the victims are white--if the victims were Jewish, then all the government would come after them. The SJWs are the book burners and the enemies of freedom. Modern book-burning is doing things like censoring books on websites such as Amazon.com and how YouTube removes all videos that expose the truth about Jews.[8]

Hypocrisy on race

Any white person who is a social justice warrior and does not commit suicide is a hypocrite. They are doubly a hypocrite if they have children.[9]

They could avoid this hypocrisy by identifying as transracial, but that movement undermines Cultural Marxism so they don't. On Tumblr, the SJWs generally oppose it. They say that one's sex is completely fluid and the work of the mind as if those born men can bear children, but they claim one's race is completely fixed and they start citing Nuremberg Laws, and they even claim one's culture (which is changeable) is fixed too -- they also usually even more hypocritically say "race is a social" construct in the same post before switching to how they oppose transracialism. They also consider it "racist" and transphobic to be transracial, particuarly for a white person--furthering the hypocrisy, most of the europhobic SJWs saying this are white. They also claim it belittles the struggles of the transsexual and their hostility emphasizes that transracials also have a struggle to. They also have said what those in the media have said that white people can look black, but black can never look white, which is false considering Michael Jackson. They also said, "It's too bad transracial wasn't a thing during slavery," ignoring the fact of white slavery and how the Irish (who the same as everyone else) were slaves in the Americas.[10][11] One Tumblr user, sarabenincasa, simply said that a child came up to her on the street and yelled how she looked like transracial Rachel Dolezal.[12]

They murdered Anthony Harvey, an African American who supported the Confederate states. This isn't the first time things like this happened--Nelson Mandela necklaced black South Africans who didn't agree with him.[13]

Jewish support and Jewish opposition

While the movement itself is associated with jews such as Anita Sarkeesian[14] and Mallory Blair Greitzer[15][16][17][18][19], even some jews oppose them.

Joshua Goldberg wrote an editorial opposing Social Justice Warriors. (Goldberg would later be outed as a Jewish neo-nazi, who impersonated a white person by the name of Michael Slay on Daily Stormer where he promoted harassment of a Muslim woman and Ben Garrison, and where he went by this name like Europeansomething88 (lost because nobody backs up Rightpedia regularly and Garrison deleted his blogspot blog) where he made cartoons harassing Mr. Garrison, and Goldberg was the one who originated defacing Garrison cartoons.) He first mentions that hate speech laws and political correct euphemisms originated in the Soviet Union and he goes on to describe how whenever SJWs have a difference of opinion with someone, they fanatically stalk and commence IRL harassment of their opponent. He then mentions a another jew, Ashley Rae Goldenberg, who started the Tumblr blog Communismkills in 2011. The SJWs stalked up the personal information of Ashley's entire family, posted it everywhere, and engaged in a real life harassment campaign against her. She cannot even have her phone turned on because of the sheer amount of harassing phone calls. They also posted her school, work, parent's home and work, and more--all of them getting harassment. She and her entire family receive frequent threats of being raped, burned, tortured, and/or murdered. Some SJWs even do physical violence just like old-fashioned Communists in the 20th century. SJWs will target anyone of any race who disagrees with them.[20]

[People] on Stormfront do not participate in organized harassment campaigns, do not send gruesome rape and death threats to people, do not regularly call for violence, and do not engage in doxxing. Compared to the people who claim to be on “the right side of history” and crusaders for “social justice”, Stormfront is a bastion of kindness and civility.
— Joshua Goldberg[20]

Social Justice Warriors always project

Vox Day has written two main points about SJWs:[21]

  1. Social Justice Warriors always lie
  2. Social Justice Warriors always project

For the second point, he has given an example of how SJWs often claim their opponents are angry. And this seems strange but then the reason is that the SJW themselves are angry and so they are projecting this negative trait onto their enemy.

Another extremely common example of projection is one you can see all the time on the internet. Whenever someone is glaringly wrong about something, so extremely wrong it is completely obvious these people then state their point and call the other person a name like "stupid", "retard", "idiot" and the like. It is like this, "That's because the earth is flat, stupid!" Or someone who can barely understand English can't understand something you told them in basic English over and over again so accuses you of not being able to understand English.

More information

March 2015, in Austin, Texas, a person went around putting whites only stickers around the city turned out upon investigation to be a Social Justice Warrior doing a false flag attack.[22]



Social Justice Warriors Always Lie Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux


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