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Smart meter

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Random homes get "collector meters", through which data from hundreds of homes is funneled. DNA-altering microwave radiation exposure is dramatically multiplied for anyone near these homes. And worse yet, the people are never informed that their meters are a collector.

A smart meter is a meter for electricity, gas, or water that sends microwave signals so a human does not have to come by and read it. These devices also allow remote activation and deactivation of services. Long term proximity to these devices is a health hazard due to the microwave radiation. Power companies that use them may allow people to opt-out for a monthly fee.

Health hazard

Smart meters have been known to burst into flames from time to time, just randomly on their own. People have died from fires when smart meters caught fire.[1] Even worse is what happens when a truck hits a utility poll. At about 8:30a on March 30, 2015, a truck crashed into a utility poll in Stockton and thousands of people's smart meters exploded! It left over 5000 people without power until their smart meters could be replaced which will take weeks.[2][3]

Some smart electric and water meters even send carcinogens into people's homes.[4]

Smart meters cause cancer and when people who refuse to allow them to be installed, the power company has shut off their power.[5] Cancer caused by mandatory "Smart" Meters is not covered by insurance.[6]

A study found that the symptoms of smart meter radiation poisoning include: (1) sleep disruption; (2) headaches; (3) ringing or buzzing in the ears; (4) fatigue; (5) loss of concentration, memory, or learning ability; and (6) disorientation, dizziness, or loss of balance.[7]

There is a new alternative type of "smart meter" called AMR but it still spews dirty electricity and harmful radiation.[8] Normal electricity coming as an alternating current has a normal sine wave. Dirty electricity has a broken sine wave and a lot of electrical noise.[9] Electrical noise damages appliances.

Illegal surveillance

In the USA, the Department of Homeland Security is behind them. Smart Meters are, by definition, surveillance devices that violate US Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored and without a warrant.[10] In California, smart meters can track the exact time a location starts and stops using water. If a location runs sprinklers against the rules, this has allowed investigators to know exactly when the location runs them and send investigators with cameras during the predicted act. This was how one McDonald’s restaurant in Long Beach got busted.[11] They also are used to track down growers of marijuana.[10]

The smart meter systems disclose all their information freely to the governments.[12]

The electric companies that run Smart Meters can also sell your information to companies for data mining and advertising.[5]

Control of appliances

Smart meters can also control how much usage you have such as if they think you're running your air conditioner too much or doing too much laundry, allowing them to turn it off remotely. You need a "smart appliance" for them to be able to turn them off.[5]


Smart meters also malfunction and send faulty readings, leaving customers in billing limbo and told they must fix their Smart Meters at their own expense or be left without electricity and gas.[13]

If you switch energy providers, your smart meter will not work.[14]


People are able to hack these "smart" meters to get large discounts in electricity or pay someone to do so. The FBI said, "These individuals are charging $300 to $1,000 to reprogram residential meters, and about $3,000 to reprogram commercial meters." The FBI also said, "The optical converter used in this scheme can be obtained on the Internet for about $400. The optical port on each meter is intended to allow technicians to diagnose problems in the field. This method does not require removal, alteration, or disassembly of the meter, and leaves the meter physically intact." Another method is putting very strong magnets on the devices to disable the meter when the customer is home and then removed during the day when the customer is at work. Any of these methods reduce a customer's bill by 50-75%. People can also hack the "smart meters" so they show no power consumption at all. [15][16][17]

The police have also confused high electric consumption from bitcoin miners with marijuana farmers and raided their homes like terrorists (typical police raid). This would encourage people to hack their smart meters.[18]

Parking meters are also being set up like "smart meters" and a test found hackers were able to hack them for free parking.[19]

Smart meters relay data on average once every 15 seconds which is very bad for privacy.[20]


The Truth About Smart Meters - Brian Thiesen
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