UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

Sinead McCarthy

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Sinead McCarthy holding a sign about Portland, Oregon's college, April 2016.
Balloons at 121,000 feet show the earth is flat. A third of millennials in the USA suspect that the earth is flat.[1]
Evalion drew Shillnaid purely a joke and Sinead reposted the parody on her Twitter.[2]

Sinead McCarthy is a white nationalist who runs Firestarter Media. She is married to Kyle Hunt, the owner of Renegade Broadcasting and has a blonde-haired, white child with him and no other children at present.

She makes vlogs and music videos as well as writings exposing The Jew and promoting white nationalism.

She also goes by the name "Shiksa Goddess" and writes songs mocking The Jew. She used to have a channel on YouTube called ShiksaGoddess but on April 20, 2016, YouTube went "Oy vey the goyim know! Shut it down!" and as she describes (using a slang Elegon started), they "shoahed"/"shoa'd" her ShiksaGoddess channel.[3] She then created a channel, "Goyim Goddess", and she describes it, "This is the new "Shiksa Goddess" channel. I changed the name to hopefully buy us more time before they shoah my channel again. #thanksjews!" September 8, 2016 was her second shoah on YouTube when they shoaed her "Goyim Godess" channel (not "Firstarter Media" channel) and so she made another one after that.[4] YouTube shut down her "Goyim Goddess" channel again on October 19, 2016. She said it was the fourth time that YouTube shut down one of her accounts so there was a #3 at one point.[5] She has since put up some mirrors on other sites. November 10, 2016, YouTube shut down her Goyim Goddess account again, which she said was the fifth time.[6] December 5, 2016, YouTube banned her channel for a couple hours and then restored it without explanation.[7] January 28, 2017, YouTube shoahed her Firestarter Media channel after she made a video titled, Debunking Genocidal Jews, which debunked a young jewish woman pushing for white genocide and Zionist jewish supremacism. February 10, 2017, she announced she was leaving YouTube forever and made her own video site which contains her videos and those of Renegade Broadcasting. She also made other sites and

June 24, 2017, after someone sent an anonymous email to Sinead's employer, the employer fired her for expressing her political beliefs.[8]

Funny quotes

Sinead often makes funny angry YouTube rants. Below are a selection of funny quotes.

"Hey everybody it's me, the biggest feminist ever in the world. ... the flat world, I might add. I am going to make this announcement to everybody ... The Daily Stormer is completely controlled by The Enemy."
--Video An Announcement From The World's Biggest Feminist.

"Taylor Swift...but I'm pretty sure that's a tranny anyways."
Response To “How To Get an Alt Right Girlfriend” 3:20, March 30, 2017 video

Views on heathenism and women's rights

Her religion is traditional European heathenism and in 2016, she started a group, Heathen Women. It is for white nationalist women only. For the term heathen, some white nationalists prefer the term heathen to pagan as they consider pagan to be an insult from thousands of years ago. Sinead opposes Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).[9]

Her religious beliefs go together with her beliefs on women's rights. Her view is that the women's rights movement was originally good but then was infiltrated by Jews. It is a fact that Jews try to infiltrate all movements. To quote Julius Streicher's political testament, "After the Jewish folk had now managed to achieve equal rights in the folks, it went about adding political power to its money power. Divide et impera („Divide and conquer”). The folks were divided into pro-nationalist and anti-nationalists, into conservatives and liberals, into denominations and free-thinking parties. In each party, the Jews made themselves wirepullers and beneficiaries. Where it proved necessary, the Jews camouflaged themselves through baptismal certificate of whatever denomination. The Jew thereby created for himself in each folk parliamentarian majorities, such as he needed at any given Lime for his political purposes. These majorities did not notice in whose service they gave their votes. But the Jew Karl Marx created the mightiest weapon for the Jewish folk through the organization of the red International of the proletariat. In the belief of thereby freeing itself from world capitalism, the international proletariat, as assault troop of the revolutions, without realizing it, again and again served the global interests of its own executioners."[10]

There are allegations that she used to say on Twitter and in videos she's a feminist in her main description, but no archive can be found on or By April 3rd, 2016, it said "anti-feminist".[11] Then by July 22, 2016, she changed it to "Anti-3rd Wave Feminism". She also changed "Anti Supremacy" to "Anti Organized jewry".[12] By September 3, 2016 she had changed it again to, "Pro-White/Anti Organized jewry Pro Femininity/Anti-Manosphere Anti Degeneracy/Pro Family Values Anti Gay/ Pro Hetero".[13] She changes her Twitter description nearly as often as Andrew Anglin changes the logo of The Daily Stormer.

Back in February 24, 2016, she had made a video titled, "I Am A Nazi Feminist" which is nearly 2 hours long. [14][15] It later reappeared here and is now over 3 hours long! It starts with mother-child telepathy and milk let-downs for about 10 minutes. Then she rants a lot. She said John Angelo Gage is a US military plant. She said the late David Lane (inventor of 14/88) is a hebephile lusting after the Prussian Blue girls when they were 15. She says the only thing she's ever voted for was medical marijuana and she's never voted in a presidential election. One hour and six minutes in is where she says she's a "nazi feminist". After that, she has an unknown guest ramble about her dead mother for over a half hour. Then there's some bad music and then the whole thing repeats but in a mixed order.

By July 2, 2016, she was denying that she was a feminist and said, "I'm against all this feminist crap because it's anti-white in nature." After quoting Bible verses commanding women to submit to their husbands, she said, "Now this whole idea what women need to submit to any man is just absolutely ridiculous. I believe in a meritocracy. I don't believe in a patriarchy. I don't believe in a matriarchy. I believe in a meritocracy where if you can do it and you're the best in it then you get to do it. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to say that all men are these shining wonderful leaders. Hello? Have you seen most of the alt right? They are anime-watching little virgins who can't even support a family yet expect to have ten wives. And I know I'm going to get so much hate for that because I'm such an 'evil feminist'. If you call yourself 'alt right' and you're not like that, then don't get triggered. The ones that get so triggered that I know I've struck a nerve with because they know it's true." She then criticized women who identify as heathen but ask for a Christian patriarchy and said, "that makes absolutely no sense". She said, "So basically what has happened here is women's liberation became entwined with Jewish-inspired, vile, nasty, nonwhite, homo-loving, male-hating ideology known as feminism. It is no wonder the word has negative connotations and it certainly does but now people are throwing it around like they do racist. It seriously has become the new racist. The new buzzword. Feminist! Feminist! She said something I don't agree with so feminist! It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't want to be grouped in with Jews, nonwhites, gays, lesbians, or any of that crap and I don't want to be grouped in with people that want to do away with our men and want to have abortions as a form of birth control and want to abolish the family unit. I'm entirely against that. And I don't know, you guys can keep calling me a feminist, that's fine. It's totally fine. It doesn't really bother me and if that's what I am to you, that's cool. So it is really important that we realize that our white nationalist heathen women--it's important that we stand up for our rights and not advocate what these jewesses have put into our once pure movement. And we're not advocating the removal of men. Quite the opposite, we love our men, deeply, and we see how important they are to our lives and to our struggle. All we're advocating for is for the restoration of what we always had before Christianity came and took it away."[9]

Friend Morrakiu

She has sang songs with Morrakiu. He also ften mentions the views of her and her organization, Renegade Broadcasting, in his Merchant Minute updates talking about flat earth, sacred groves, and such. For instance:

In Merchant Minute - Daily Shoah Episode 124 at 3 minutes (Jan 2017), Morrakiu summed up Sinead McCarthy's video channel, "Not all white supremacist sites are created equal. Some of them think the earth is flat. Mesas and plateaus are the stumps of giant crystal trees that used to bring energy to mother Gaia until the jews chopped them all down and Donald Trump is a kike shill."

At Merchant Minute - Daily Shoah Episode 128, at 0:45, he said "Some of you might think this means Trump isn't actually a kike shill and that he's dog-whistling to us and that mesas aren't the stumps of giant crystal trees, but I assure you: this is exactly what a kike shill would do." At the end of Ironic Religions, he said it again, " you probably think I'm fuckin' insane after sayin' all that but half ya'll niggas believe the earth is flat and hollow and the, you know, mesas are the stumps of giant crystal trees that used to bring energy to mother Gaia."

February 27, 2017, Twitter banned her Firestarter Media account there. Right when Morrakiu made Witches break the autism glass ceiling. Morrakiu commented on his own video, "Keep doing this shit instead of actual political action, pls". Bryden Proctor5 responded to his comment, "Uh oh, you just pissed off Sinead bro."

Merchant Minute - Daily Shoah Episode 140, at the start he sings, "I used to smoke The Herbal Jew. I thought the earth was round. But I couldn't take the liberal shit. And white boys actin' brown. Now I'm layin' a coat of paint and I've got Spencer hair..." (Sinead often makes fun of the Spencer-style "fashy" hairdoo.)

Conflicts with other nationalists

Black Pigeon Speaks mentioned Firestarter Media at 7:45 in his video: Getting Zuck'd & Why Facebook is in Terminal Decline

She considers herself "white nationalist" and "nationalist" rather than "alt right". She has criticized members of the alt-right mainly for including: homosexual men, male-to-female traps, men with yellow fever, sluts, connections to Jews, and especially for attacking white women.[16][17][18]

She believes in concepts that some nationalists don't believe in such as the humans have never set foot on the moon[19] and chemtrails. She also believes concepts that other nationalists generally do not such as flat earth and hollow earth.[20]

After people accused her of either being Jewish or looking Jewish, she gave her DNA test results: she is 59% Irish and 41% western European.[21]

The Murdoch Murdoch video, Shills, where they briefly called Sinead a shill.

In spring 2016, Elegon made a video criticizing her for believing the flat earth theory. Elegon included a drawing of the Happy Merchant image in Sinead's likeness and called her a shill. For a time, they became enemies. She then interviewed Elegon's ex-internet-boyfriend, Michael Constantine. After Elegon switched her channel and internet alias to Evalion, she never put her video about Sinead back up and the video was not saved on any Evalion archive videos after YouTube shoahed Evalion's channel. July 22, 2016, Sinead posted a video defending Evalion from attacks by Onision.[22] By fall 2016, the two became good friends. Evalion helped Sinead on her videos. Sinead helped feature Evalion's videos and alert people about the Anti-Defamation League stalking her.

Elegon was not the first to call Sinead a shill. There's various random videos on YouTube claiming that. Most are videos that look like the JIDF made them, except for one Murdoch Murdoch video. On that Murdoch Murdoch video, there was a small scene there claiming Sinead was a shill with nothing more than a brief image in the background sort of like how the second or third The Matrix film had George W. Bush aside Adolf Hitler. Their video itself is called Shills and was released March 21, 2016, shortly after Elegon made her video. Many people criticized the people they used in the pictures. For instance, they put Ben Shapiro as a shill when Ben is a Jew and his Jewish surname is the same one as Robert Shapiro, famed Jew lawyer of OJ Simpson. Jews working for international jewry are not shills because they are working for their own people's interests.

Sinead does not like Stefan Molyneux because he frequently criticizes women.[9]

Sinead has criticized Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer. Firstly, because he used to have yellow fever before awakening and becoming a white nationalist. Secondly, because she does not like Vladimir Putin while he does.[23]

Sinead believes Donald Trump is controlled opposition. She does not trust Trump because of his Jewish and Zionist connections. She believes that he is not just a Zionist, which he admits, but that he also is a secret neoconservative. She also believes Trump's first wife, Ivana, is a crypto-Jew and had a lot of plastic surgery early on to hide this.[24] When asked who she is supporting for the 2016 USA presidential election, instead of saying Robert Whitaker, creator of The Mantra, she simply said "no one".[21]

There was a woman named, Emily Youcis, who was the Philadelphia Phillies "Pistachio Girl" famous for doing some annoying call and slamming bags of peanuts together. You'd think this would annoy people but nope, instead they liked to buy more peanuts from her. She was a vendor for Aramark. Well Emily became red-pilled in the summer of 2016 and she voiced her views outside of work. So Aramark fired her. Now if a company did that because someone had a leftist view, the mainstream media would make it international news for months and Communists would organize boycotts and riots, and then something similar to what happened to a Dairy Queen store would happen to them. But since she's on the right, Aramark gets away with it. That being said, before Emily was red-pilled she made a lot of disgusting furry porn with scat and otherwordly horrors straight out of an HP Lovecraft novel. Watching what she had made would deprive anyone of sanity, just like a Lovecraftian horror, just like most furry porn actually. Well Sinead discovered what Emily had made and got really upset, called her Emily Puke-is. She now believes Emily is jewish controlled opposition. Yup, despite Emily losing her job and having no money.[25][26]

Sinead has called pretty much all right-wing nationalists outside of Renegade Broadcasting a shill, including Dr. David Duke that she interviewed with. She's called a lot of people who do very far right things that have resulted in them losing their jobs, being branded "neo-nazi white supremacist", and being attacked by Antifa as shills. This however is not her alone but her group, Renegade Broadcasting. So far they still like David Dees because in an interview with Renegade Broadcasting, he said he believed the earth was flat.[27] In Renegade's video MAGA Opus: Rise of The Nazbols they called basically everyone shills, including Black Pigeon Speaks to whom they supplied no claims he was a shill and simply claimed he got "AIDS" in India. That video really didn't like Weev's idea that it's cheaper to buy an egg, hire a surrogate mother, hire a wet nurse, and then hire a nanny than deal with dating and the massive expense of a divorce.

Sinead on why she believes the "alt right" is kosher

This Republican National Convention going on which is really just a big circus led by a bunch of faggots. I mean we have white people worshipping Milo Yiannopoulos, the faggot Jew. Excuse my language, but that's what it is. He was giving a speech today at The Gays For Trump party which had pictures of emaciated-looking little teenage boys that were being sexualized, clearly, and everyone's cheering it on. And white people are taking pictures with this kike like he is some kind of celebrity. I'm just extremely disgusted. If you seriously call yourself pro-white and you're championing a faggot Jew, I just don't know what to do anymore. So hopefully people watching this aren't even in that camp because I don't know [she has trouble going on because of disgust and the video is stopped and resumed later]. So what I'm seeing with this whole pro-white thing as I've kind of been here for a few years looking into these things when I first realized that white genocide was going on, I started to look into these different people who were talking about it, different radio shows, different YouTube channels, and really what I've noticed is that any momentum and energy that we were gaining as a movement advocating for white Europeans--and that does not include Jews because they're not white--now that line has been blurred again. But what I've seen is that really, what they've done and what our people have willingly done, even if they were brainwashed or not, they've taken all of the momentum that we had and they've diverted it into the GOP. They've siphoned it right back into the GOP. They repackaged it. They called it alt right when they're still supporting the Republican front-runner but it's 'alternative' now apparently. And they have taken all of that momentum and put it toward a kosher puppet who is no better than Hillary. You people are so stupid that ask me, 'You're not going to vote for Trump so what are you going to vote for Hillary?' I've never voted for a damn president in my life because it's bullshit. It doesn't mean anything. They control both sides. The right and the left are two sides of the same kosher shekel. And most of you leaders of the 'alt right', you know that. You know that, you're just opportunists and scam artists and you have no integrity and no honor and you disgust me--if you're not activity working against which it seems like a lot of you are.
— Sinead McCarthy, July 20, 2016[24]

Julius Streicher wrote in his 1945 Political Testament about Jews doing this same type of activity in the 19th century:

After the Jewish folk had now managed to achieve equal rights in the folks, it went about adding political power to its money power. Divide et impera („Divide and conquer”). The folks were divided into pro-nationalist and anti-nationalists, into conservatives and liberals, into denominations and free- thinking parties. In each party, the Jews made themselves wire-pullers and beneficiaries. Where it proved necessary, the Jews camouflaged themselves through baptismal certificate of whatever denomination. The Jew thereby created for himself in each folk parliamentarian majorities, such as he needed at any given Lime for his political purposes. These majorities did not notice in whose service they gave their votes.

Nonwhites and oil driller shills attacking her, spreading rumors

There is a lot of bashing against her on the internet. Sinead calls them "ridiculous" and she describes them, "(a) I'm a mudshark, (b) I have a mulatto child, (c) I smoke meth, and (d) I'm Jewish." July 18, 2016 she addressed them. The quotes below are all her:[28]

"First of all, I want to tackle the claims that I'm a mudshark and people use, first of all, an image from the 2008 Baby Center website. I reverse image searched it and it's from a woman named Tara who has a mixed child and the thread is titled, 'Share pictures of your interracial children'. So if you reverse image search that and I'll show you here in a screenshot that this is clearly not my child." She then shows her actual child and says, "and people expect me to post pictures of his face when I'm getting death threats every day."[28]

"Now the other claim is that I'm a mudshark because I took pictures with nonwhite friends and worked with nonwhite people on music in the past so this video that they all love to show is some video that I screwed him was this video when when I was like 17 or 18. It was probably over 8 years ago. It was 2008 and I'm in the studio singing, while this half-black, half-white guy who owned the studio was the audio engineer, was playing the guitar. And that's apparently proof that I should be strung up and hung for being a mudshark."[28]

"The other is a picture of me looking at my friend's phone at a restaurant and apparently that means that I screwed him too because my arm is touching his shoulder. I'm trying to look at something."[28]

"And then the third picture is me and my coworkers making funny faces into the photo booth on my laptop. And because I'm within close proximity to them and the little black guy who was taller than and who was gay, and so that means I screwed both of them apparently. I screw everybody that I take a picture with. That's just what I do apparently."[28]

She then mentions one of the main people attacking her is a person named Rodney Martin who also is attacking her husband and most of the people at his organization, Renegade Broadcasting for many years. She says, "I believe he is getting paid, if not it's pretty pathetic, Rodney. So this guy is actually married to an Amerindian woman. So this is a man who is a race mixer who has five or six children with this Amerindian woman who is telling me that I'm a mudshark. He's the one who's posting this image of this mulatto kid from the 2008 Baby Center website and saying that it's mine. Yeah so Rodney Martin if you guys don't know who he is, he used to be a 'white nationalist' apparently but I guess he divorced himself from it now. But he is on PressTV which is an Islamic news network. He reports for them, I think he still does. He's also the tribal administrator or was of the Tule River Indian Reservation."[28]

On meth:

She then mentions Jack Sen, whose original name was Jack Sengupta. Jack has many Stormfront threads about him. She said, "I don't know if he's a Jew or a Jewish Indian, but he's clearly not white. He has a white-looking wife who looks maybe Russian. So Jack Sengupta, he shows off his white wife Natalie and young daughter Alexa as often as he can and then he'll claim that people are threatening their lives. He's been harassing myself and Kyle and others for two or three years now. He's put up on the internet that Kyle's a pedophile. Oh but it's satire, right Jack? Yeah, you are a piece of shit. You're not even white. Why are you trying to get into white nationalism? Just because you married a white woman does not automatically make you white, sorry. We don't want you or your freaking wife or your daughter. Bye. Go away. So yes, he has put these claims out there that I smoke meth." She then gives photos and evidence that Jack is a government agent. She then said, "It seems he was in South Africa first and now he's injecting himself into the UKIP. And he runs the European Knights Project where you'll see articles about me smoking meth, Kyle being a pedophile. Yeah, and if we had the funds, we would be suing him right now. But he knows that we don't have the money to sue someone in another country. And he also has bragged to us on numerous occasions that he is an agent so we can't do anything about it. His servers, his IP address is coming out of Russia, yet he is apparently in the United Kingdom so hmm that's weird. Carolyn Yeager has done a lot of great work exposing this piece of crap and you'll start to hear more about this because people are really realizing that this guy is here to just start trouble. We used to have him coming into our comments section over at Renegade where we would see these comment wars going back and forth and it would all be coming from the same IP address and it was Jack Sen pretending to be a Pole, pretending to be German, fighting. So he's here to cause chaos. He's here to put out disinformation and he's here to slander people like me and Kyle and the host[?] and people involved with Renegade."[28]

"So I also want to cover the claim that I'm a jew. My name is McCarthy. My family is from Ireland and Germany. I did my DNA test and it said I have 0% Jewish blood so I guess you can take it up with if I'm exuding a Jewish aura or something. And maybe they just didn't pick it up when I gave them the saliva from my body that has my DNA in it. That test must just not be right. They didn't pick up my kike blood."[28]

Reactionary Jew

Late December 2016, a right-wing Jew with the alias "Reactionary Jew" appeared on Red Ice Radio. Lana from Red Ice Radio interviewed him. Instead of the normal one-hour interview, it was two hours. Lana Lokteff did nothing but praise him, acting fully Zionist, and even tried to out-jew him by asking, "Why don't you genocide all the Arabs?" This created a lot of contoversity and the Twitter of Lana Lokteff Reactionary Jew had some discussion of the controversy like this and this.

Sinead made a video response criticizing this December 31, 2016 on her Firestarter Media and Goyim Goddess channels, titled Reactionary Jew is Our Greatest Ally!. YouTube then removed the version on her Goyim Goddess for "hate speech" but so far not the other channel. Immediately afterward, an account named "Hussairn Knight" appeared and began attacking Sinead on both of her YouTube channels. More accounts came who obsessively attacked her constantly in the comments with ridiculous lies. She revealed January 5, 2017 in the video Degeneracy Abounds, that these new accounts attacking her have special connects to the powers that be at YouTube and she is unable to block any of them.


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