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Simon Wiesenthal Center

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The Simon Wiesenthal Center (The "Wie" is pronounced like the English word "we") (often abbreviated SWC) began in 1977. Its headquarters has remained in Los Angeles, California. It began when Samuel Belzberg and Joseph Tennenbaum donated large amounts of money to rabbi Marvin Hier. Hier then founded the center and named it after Simon Wiesenthal. Simon didn't found the center; the center merely paid him for use of his name. Simon (who lived until 2005) was a famous concentration camp survivor who spent his post-liberation days hunting down people who used to work for the German government.

The problems with the group are as follows:

  1. The group ignores the fact The Holocaust and other Holocausts are caused by authoritarian governments. The organization blames racism instead.
  2. What the people at the group want more than anything is to prevent another Holocaust of Jews from happening. And then right in their mission statement, they put "standing with Israel". Ummm really? Israel is the #1 spreader of antisemitism worldwide. Israeli also does constant genocide like the Gaza Holocausts. What seemed to inspire Hitler was that the Communist Jews in the USSR had genocided tens of millions of white gentiles in their nation. The Simon Wiesenthal Center should denounce Israel and all governments that do genocide. Their mission statement also includes "defending the safety of Jews worldwide"--if they wanted Jews to be safe, they would tell suggest homelands other than Israel like Birobidzhan or just buying a large tract of land in Brazil. Their mission statement also had, "confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promoting human rights and dignity". Israel not only promotes antisemitism, it promotes hate and terrorism (example, example, example, example, example, and Israel supports the terrorist group ISIS which is named after the English acronym for Mossad) and the way Israel treats Palestinians is not with human rights and dignity. Israel also treats American Jews badly too--they beat up Lucas Koerner simply for going on camera in support of Palestinian victims and cavity-searched Hedy Epstein for being pro-Palestine. Mossad also kidnapped Mordechai Vanunu after he had fled Israel to Italy because Vanunu exposed government corruption in Israel.
  3. In continuing with the two last two points, the group actively pushes for governments to downplay non-Jewish Holocausts and even for governments to deny such genocides were genocides. The Holodomor is an example.[1]
  4. In continuing with points 1 and 2, the center pushes the notion that The Government = The People. They push that notion that the Third Reich--a government where Hitler prevented anyone else from running for office once he rose to power--is the same thing as the German people. They push the notion that the corrupt, genocidal government of Israel is the Jewish people.

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