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Scat is a slang for human shit, mostly as a fetish, frequently for humor and occasionally as degenerate art.

Scat pornography

Scat porn is famous with videos like 2girls1cup, which was straight out of Revelation 17:4. The production may use chocolate sauce and pretend it's poop, however some scat porn stars such as Veronica Moser actually eat poop![1] Jews are mainly behind pornography.

Degenerate art

Degenerate art has been growing in sickness. Today people make "art" with urine, period blood, and feces. People shove objects up their bodily cavities and then drop waste on a canvas and call it "art". Often urine and excrement are put on Christian religious symbols (e.g. the Piss Christ degenerate "art") but put them on a Muslim or Jewish art piece and it's not allowed. This is often done as performance art too.[2]

Jews invented degenerate art and heavily promote it.

Interest from the Jewish community

It's true gentiles use scat humor too. For instance, koit, on YouTube makes many videos on it including the Trudy Walker series about an insane little girl obsessed with poop. Even Mozart was into scat humor.[3] However a lot of Jews tend to use scat humor. This is because Jews created Cultural Marxism and this poison has affected them also.

Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman made her career with humor based on bodily functions. There's respected anchor, Jon Stewart, who when he first took over The Daily Show for about five years mostly told unfunny poop and fart jokes (replacing Craig Kilborn's funny politically incorrect jokes) until the writing finally got better.[4]

Jew Allen Ginsberg wrote scat poetry. Jew Sigmund Freud's work on psychology talks a lot about scat fetishes. Jewish actress Tori Spelling wrote in detail how, "I’m a Poo Fanatic."[4]

There's too many coincidences. For instance, out of all the parodies of the film Frozen's song Let It Go, the most popular is Let Me Poop that was received as hilarious and highly funny[5][6]. The singer is a little girl, maybe about aged 5, but the song is an elaborate, skillful parody that took work--the news media uses words to describe it as "masterpiece"[7] and "genius"[8] and her parents were the ones who uploaded it[9]. But that's just a child singing a childish song who may or may not have had help writing it. That doesn't mean anything on its own. However, oddly enough on the video, they put the child's surname, Mandelbaum, which is a Jewish surname.[10][11]

Israelis also love attacking Palestinians with feces.[4]

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