Charlottesville was very, very wrong! After a Jewish agent provocateur, James Fields, murdered a white woman on George Soros's birthday, the government is now labelling all white nationalist groups as terrorists. Meanwhile the government never labels New World Order establishment terrorist groups such as Antifa and BLM as terrorist groups.

Here is how to do a rally correctly

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Rightpedia's mission is to correct the lies of the controlled mainstream media and Zionist Occupied Governments in addition to exposing vital things they hide. The long-term goal of Rightpedia is to have a very engaging and easy to read thorough record of accurate events and accurate history instead of the lies told by those in power. Rightpedia criticizes a variety of races and white people are in no way exempt from criticism. It's Rightpedia that uses truthful criticisms of white people such as that a vast number are Jewish lackeys and ethno-masochists who will do almost anything to help a nonwhite person and don't like to help their own people in their own countries.