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This is the page for archives of old Did you know lines for the Main Page. Newly archived facts go on the bottom.


  • …The drought in California is 100% man-made by the government sending all the saved water to the ocean as part of agenda 21 for the NWO to increase government control.

  • …the Israeli court system can hold people forever without trial. All trials are done in Hebrew and people are not allowed access to an interpreter and at most parts of the trial, defendants cannot access their lawyers. Israel is like this even to American Jews which their police often beat up and cavity search if these Jews support Palestine, and then the US Consolate provides no help and just says this happens constantly there.

  • …before 1965, immigrants coming in to Western countries did not get welfare. Nations created by immigrants were created by immigrants that didn't get welfare. When people are paid slave wages and get welfare to make it up, then it is the state taxing the middle class to pay the wages of the employees of the wealthy. The rich should pay wages instead. (Reference)

  • The Non-GMO Project is a private organization in North America that certifies food as non-GMO including meat not fed GMO.

  • YouTube's moderation staff is now headed by the ADL and SPLC: Yes, seriously! The European Union also is in charge! YouTube is now shadowbanning un-SJW videos so no one sees them. Twitter now also has the ADL run their censorship and banning as Anita Sarkeesian just wasn't extreme enough for them!