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Our alternate logo used only for userboxes. Pepe the Frog is the logo of the alt-right.

Rightpedia is a wiki encyclopedia for exposing the lies and coverups by globalists and the controlled mainstream media. Although Rightpedia came from Metapedia, Rightpedia is not a Gas The Kikes Race War Now, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong website. Rightpedia is about seeking the truth, whatever it may be, even if it offends people. That's focus of this wiki.

Our electronic encyclopedia aims to make its content entertaining to read while covering its topics. The eventual hope of Rightpedia is to have a thorough record of actual events of history and current events instead of the lies told by those in power. Rightpedia welcomes those who are willing to contribute constructively to this noble effort. The project is still in its early stages, but the database is growing every day and you are heartily welcome to contribute to the growth of this valuable and unique encyclopedia.

Offensive content

Rightpedia sometimes criticizes people and groups because it's natural to criticize groups of people, and being unable due to political correctness is a form of Orwellian control that damages society.

Rightpedia stands for the interest of all people, who are soil-bound and able and willing to maintain a home country and a nation, regardless of ethnicity.

Rightpedia criticizes all people and that includes white people, but does so truthfully. Rightpedia does not use the Cultural Marxist lies seen in mainstream media and schools/universities, but truthful criticisms: A large percentage of white people, though perhaps not the majority, are racist against their own race. Historically for instance in slavery in the Americas, white people treated Irish slaves far worse than blacks. The ancient Romans kidnapped slaves from Europe and crucified any who rebelled like Sparticus--a practice whites never did to any other race they enslaved. Nearly all whites today believe that a race who once regularly kidnapped their children and then constantly tortured, mutilated, and gang-raped them are the most spiritual people in the world. And the majority of white people will do anything for a nonwhite person, give their nations away, allow their little girls to be sold as sex slaves, and even give the shirt off their back, but such whites will never, ever help their own people, even letting them starve to death or freeze to death. Of course, not all white people are like this, the same way not all black people are puppets of George Soros. Just like not all people in India refuse to poo in the loo.

While Rightpedia writes typically negatively about Jewish supremacists such as Zionists and Marxists of influence, it does not negatively depict every person of Jewish ancestry; for instance Jewish dissidents Bobby Fischer, Natali Cohen Vaxberg, Ashley Rae Goldenberg, Stefan Molyneux, Milton L. Kapner, and Lucas Koerner are treated positively while others such as Judit Polgár are written about neutrally.

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