UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

Renegade Broadcasting

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Renegade Broadcasting
Renegade Broadcasting.png
Established 2012
Type internet radio
Purpose American nationalism
Alternative media
Freedom of speech
Leader Kyle Hunt
Affiliations Renegade Tribune

The Renegade Broadcasting Network is an internet radio network based in the United States associated with the alternative media and American nationalism. Leading personalities on the network have included Kyle Hunt, Mike Sledge, Dana Roccapriore and Siegfried, as well as others who have come and gone. Much of the project attempts to support ethnic European people across the world and gives a platform in interviews to people who espouse this position.

This group made the famous Thanks Jews! (Public Service Announcement).


Renegade Broadcasting started in late 2012 as a side-project by several Oracle Broadcasting hosts, using the Blogtalk Radio platform. Soon after the founding of the network, Kyle Hunt and Mike Sledge were fired from Oracle leaving Renegade as their only outlet. In addition, Oracle folded a few months later due to financial pressures.

After Shaun Surplus joined Renegade Broadcasting in late 2015, he and Kyle Hunt developed a system to produce and host shows through the Renegade Broadcasting website itself rather than using Blogtalk Radio.

White Man March

The network gained attention in 2014 for creating the idea of the White Man March; autonomous and de-centralised demonstrations in support of the interests of ethnic Europeans against demographic genocide. The initial idea of an "Aryan exodus" was pioneered by Sledge, however Hunt did much of the work behind the scenes to get the idea off the ground and into practice, with a banner drive. The action produced some public activism. However, a few controversies occurred: for instance, an ARA agitator assaulted a Marcher and at another protest, two people showed up in KKK uniforms. Mainstream media capitalised on this, and Hunt received criticism despite the leaderless nature of the protests.

The White Man March had an affect on the hosts. Dana left before the White Man March, Siegfried had taken a break but later resurfaced on rival network ANN, and Sledge and Hunt had a public falling out. Hunt was also attacked on ANN by Rodney Martin. Hunt himself took a break. Hunt and Dana returned after the attention the White Man March received subsided.

Renegade Tribune

The Renegade Tribune was founded in 2013 to promote the themes discussed on Renegade in the form of written articles. It has a stable of regular contributors and attracts more visitors than the Renegade Broadcasting website itself.


Renegades in America, 2013.

In 2013 hosts of Renegade Broadcasting filmed a documentary named "Renegades in America", that was funded by listener donations. With this, Hunt, Sledge, Siegfried and Dana travelled across the United States, with the intention of showing that, contrary to the mass media presentation of pro-white activists, the vast majority across the nation sympathetic to the cause were normal, decent people.


Renegade appears to have had some influence on having Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations and Lana Lokteff of Radio 3Fourteen give more focus to issues of European identity, spirituality and national politics. In the summer of 2014, a Renegade video Thanks Jews! went viral and has attracted more than 45,000 views.


Active shows

Show Host Archives
The Solar Storm / The Blitzkrieg Broadcast Kyle Hunt [1]
Truth Hertz Charles Giuliani [2]
Two's Company, Three's Allowed Shaun Surplus [3]
Firestarter Radio Sinead McCarthy [4]
Circus Maximus Nick Spero [5]
Dinosaur News John Beattie [6]

Defunct shows

Show Host Archives
The Realist Report John Friend [7]
The Return of Tyr Drew [8]
Aristocracy of Blood / Imperium Europa Dana Antiochus [9]
The European Mind Set The Nemesis [10]
Viral Vigilante Pat Privelege [11]
Radio Wehrwolf Dion [12]
The Voice of Albion Paul Hickman [13]
The Observer An Observer [14]
ReConstructions Live / High Noon Mike Sledge [15]
Ragnarok Now Siegfried [16]
Lugh's Den Lugh [17]
The Rebel Path The Celtic Rebel N/A
The Dragon’s Lair David in Texas [18]
Aryan Women Heks and Sinead [19]
The Great White North Andy in Canada [20]
Question #46 Paul Preston N/A
Nobody Got Time Fo Da Greg [21]
Second Look Radio Will Miller [22]


  • Renegades in America: Roadshow Documentary (2013)


Renegade Broadcasting tends to believe more strongly in conspiracies than other white nationalist movements such as the earth is flat and Donald Trump is controlled opposition.

One person named Azzmador wrote, "I was a guest on Renegade a few months ago. I was well treated, enjoyed myself, and now consider the host a friend (which is saying a lot, coming from me). But there was a very uncomfortable segment, in which the host and a caller stated that David Duke, the man himself, was a shill for the Jews as though this were some well established fact. When I asked why they thought this, they said he wasn’t harsh enough in asserting that the Jews did 911. They said that he had made some outrageous statements on the topic that day on Stormfront Radio. Since I had not heard it, I was forced to sit quietly while they went on about this. Immediately after the show, I listened to the broadcast to which they’d referred, and Dr. Duke had said no such thing at all. It was all their interpretation."[1]

Morrakiu's view on them

Morrakiu of The Right Stuff (TRS) gave his view of Renegade in The Merchant Minute Episode 89:[2]

Morrakiu: This is The Merchant Minute. The Jews are at it again with a false flag terror attack on a gay nightclub. If you're a blue-pilled spherecuck, this might seem absurd to you but let me explain. The Jews want Donald Trump to be president. All this kvetching is just reverse psychology. They want you goyim to think Trump can save you. After he wins, you'll have nothing driving you to go out into the street and start slitting throats. The Jews want to use Trump to shore up American hegemony a bit longer than they originally intended as the world's second-largest power is not yet receptive enough to the POZ. They will not move their powerbase to China until they wear down its cultural defenses. Framing a wholesome, traditionalist Muslim for killing a bunch of pole-smokers ensures that the coalition of untermenschen will fracture, at least enough that Hillary will be defeated. It also gives them a justification to bomb more wholesome, traditionalist Muslim countries. How the gays themselves react to the attack is irrelevant in the grand scheme. Normie opinions are more important. But the gays have been blaming (((right-wing Christians))) for the (((homophobic culture))) that led to this attack. This too benefits the shekelbergs. Everyone is flinging shit and everyone is getting covered in shit, except Schlomo. You're all smart goys. I know that so don't you think it's a little weird that the Muslim targeted an alt-right nightclub killing fifty members of the alt-right. Now let's talk about the vaccines. The Jewish medical establishment--

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein: Why haven't you been taking your pills, Morricow?!

Morrakiu: I don't need them! I can't hear the echoes when I take the pills!

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein: That's the point, you schwarze bastard. Take the pills! [Sound of pill bottle shaking.]

Morrakiu: NO!

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein: You will take the fucking pills, Morricow! [Sound of pill bottle shaking.]

Morrakiu: NooooOOOOOO!!!

[Sound of pill bottle ratting and then pills pouring.]
[Sound of Morrakiu choking.]

Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein: Good goy.

Morrakiu: [sighs] Huh, I can't remember why I was considering leaving TRS for Renegade now. Weird.


This is The White Man March
Mike Sledge Special Report - Exposing Engineered Political Apathy
Thanks Jews! [Public Service Announcement]
Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt [Guest: Lindsey]

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