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Hermann Samuel Reimarus, the German Masonic instigator of the so-called "Historical Jesus" hoax.

Reimarusianism is a worldview within which the traditional claims of the Christian Church are critiqued from the liberal-capitalist rationalist perspective of "the Enlightenment." Today this is usually done under the code-words of "higher criticism," "New Testament Studies," or erroneously so-called "objective" (always liberal) searches for the so-called "Historical Jesus." The founder of this fake school of thought was Hermann Samuel Reimarus, an 18th century freemason[1] from Hamburg, Germany, whose followers and friends were closely associated with the Order of the Illuminati.[1]

The initial proponents were typically German Deists from Protestant families — Reimarus himself, but also Christian Wolff and Gotthold Ephraim Lessing — their main attacks were, in some senses extensions of the Protestant critique of aspects of the sacraments (ie - transubstantiation), but went further and denied anything supranatural or divine to do with Jesus Christ and Christianity, at all, proposing pure naturalism in place of miracle, mystery and revelation. This method had some influence on German Protestantism, especially with the works of David Friedrich Strauss and Ferdinand Christian Baur of the Tübingen School.

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