UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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United Nations statistics on rape for 2012 based on nation.
Under typical law in Cultural Marxist/white countries, when both people were drunk and had sex, the man committed the legal fiction of statutory rape and the woman did not.

In criminal law, rape is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with another person without that person's consent. Outside of law, the term is often used interchangeably with sexual assault,[1][2][3] a closely related (but in most jurisdictions technically distinct) form of assault typically including rape and other forms of non-consensual sexual activity.

The rate of reporting, prosecution and convictions for rape varies considerably in different jurisdictions. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (1999) estimated that 91% of U.S. rape victims are female and 9% are male, with 99% of the offenders being male.[4] In one survey of women, only two percent of respondents who stated they were sexually assaulted said that the assault was perpetrated by a stranger.[5] For men, male-male rape in prisons has been a significant problem. Several studies argue that male-male prisoner rape might be the most common and least-reported form of rape, with some studies suggesting such rapes are substantially more common in both per-capita and raw-number totals than male-female rapes in the general population.[6][7][8]

When part of a widespread and systematic practice, rape and sexual slavery are recognized as crimes against humanity and war crimes. Rape is also recognized as an element of the crime of genocide when committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a targeted ethnic group.

In some cultures, rape is part of a celebratory custom. For instance in the religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr, men will gangrape underage girls.[9] In rape-promoting-culture, even homosexual rape is allowed[10] and those in the culture will take revenge if any of their rapists are punished.[11] This culture also burns alive women to keep them from reporting rape.[12]

Rape is also defined differently in different country. Western countries say that if a woman voluntarily drinks alcohol and becomes intoxicated, if a man has sex with her that is "statutory rape", meaning not actually rape but the law punishes it as rape under the legal fiction that the woman cannot consent while drunk. If the woman goes driving while drunk, the law however views her as being able to consent instead of holding her car responsible for her drunk driving. In middle eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates, they apply the same accountability to a drunk person having sex as to drunk driving and punish people for adultery when they are drunk, although they have pardoned foreigners.[13]

In Israel, rape starts very young. A common thing is for boys say 12 or 13 to rape 8 year old girls.[14] Israelis gang-raping 12-year-old girls is common in Israel.[15]

How rape traumatizes people

Liverpool, United Cuckdom has a huge rape culture due to mass immigration.

Here's a typical rape incident, Eritrean “Asylum Seeker” Rapes Virgin Twice as She’s Walking Home. Eritrea is in East Africa. So a woman at 21 still saving her virginity for marriage loses it by negro rape. She woman is blonde-haired and blue-eyed. The African raped her right in front of a church twice on the same day. She started screaming, she was shouting "Please don’t! I’m a virgin, please don’t do this to me!" The rapist then just casually walked away, in a slow manner. The woman later described her experience, "I felt ashamed, dirty, disgusting and unclean. I felt horrible in myself and always felt exposed, even when I was covered up. I couldn’t go to church for months as I was angry at God. It made me question my faith and religion and what makes it worse is it happened right next to a church. I love Liverpool but after this I want to get away from Liverpool. I felt after this incident it was now tarnished for me and isn’t the city I first fell in love with. She described how he got up and walked away in a casual manner. He didn’t run away, he just walked off."[16]

In the Netherlands, young women can choose to be killed by the state if they are suffering the trauma of rape.[17] This is similar to sharia, whereby rape victims are executed for adultery though not the rapist.[18]

False accusations

Cassandra Ann Kennedy, from Longview, Washington claimed in 2001 when she was age 11 that her father raped her. She did so because she was dissapointed in him. Her father Thomas Edward Kennedy denied it but a jury found him guilty. He served ten years in prison until his daughter admitted she lied. She will not be prosecuted.[19][20]


Sweden's increased number of rapes!

A massive increase in rape stastically always follows a massive inrease in immigration.[21]

In 2011, Sweden had the second highest occurance of reported rapes because of a jewish-promoted invasion of mass immigration. The only country with a higher incident of reported rapes is the small nation of Lesotho, Africa. United States, Norway, and Denmark with their mass immigration are third, forth, and fifth respectively.[22][23] In 2013, Sweden became the top country of reported rape.[24] In Sweden, but the nation hands out light sentences to immigrant rape gangs,[25] like community service for gang rapes of 15 year old girls.[26] Based on rape statistics, 1 in 4 swedish women will be raped, all from immigrants.[27]

The UK is in the throes of a rape and child rape epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory. The sex crimes are coming from african and middle eastern child grooming gangs responsible for drugging, raping and torturing thousands of underage girls. In 2013, a woman Sam Mason, called a taxi company and asked for a "non-Asian" driver to take her 14-year-old daughter to her grandparents' home; preferably a female driver. The operator refused, and said, "We would class that as being racist." The taxi-company then stalked Sam Mason to her place of employment and got her fired.[28] There have been a number of false accusations of made against immigrant taxi drivers about rape[29][30] however there are many taxi drivers being imprisoned on the charges[31] including people with a previous history of rape so some are real.[32] How common an occurance of real incidences is unknown and police have in the past failed to prosecute false accusers. Taxis frequently have videos or other recording devices in their cabs.[30]

Australia is also having many cases of rape by so-called "asylum seekers".[33] Judges in Australia are also letting immigrant rapists go, saying for example culture in Afghanistan is different so they're allowed to rape.[34] Australian judges are even letting Afghan "refugees" get away with attempted of attempted child abduction, even when the person has a history of doing this many more times in the past in Australia, with the judge citing "cultural differences" as why he lets the child molesters go unpunished.[35] Australia's legal system likes to let rapists go free as long as they're nonwhite immigrants. Even doctors who sexually assault patients in the emergency room are not only allowed to stay in the country, but their legal fees are reimbursed at taxpayer expense.[36]

In countries such as Pakistan, they often have men who gang rape and beat twelve year old girls and demand they renounce their faith.[37] They also will rape two year old babies because one of the child's parents refuses to convert to Mohammedanism.[38] In a video uploaded to LiveLeak by the Islamohysteric Pamela Geller, Egypt is accused of being another country that rapes people to force them to convert to the country's religion[39].

In countries such as Saudi Arabia, fathers typically sell their ten year old daughters to eighty year old men to avoid them being older, say twelve, and being raped out of wedlock and bringing shame to the family.[40] In that nation, the penalty for a father raping and murdering his own five year old daughter is four months in prison and a small fine.[41]

In Oslo, Norway, all sexual assaults in the past five years were committed by immigrants from Africa and Asia.[42]

27.6% of South African males have raped once in their lifetime.[43]

In the USA in the 21st century, their middle schools are plagued with sexual assaults. This is due to rampant cultural marxism.[44][45]

White on black rape never happens

Based on USDOJ statistics for 2008, there were 19,293 cases of blacks raping white people each year while no whites raped blacks at all that year. Many other years such as 2005 also had the same statistics where blacks raped 37,460 white females and no whites raped any black females.
Interracial rape statistics in the USA from 2003 through 2006: During this time, black men raped tens of thousands of white women each year and not a single white man raped a black woman in any of those years.

White men are naturally uninterested in black women and oil drillers are rare. While most of the rapes in areas where both black and white people live are black men raping white women, white men never rape black women.[46][47] Whenever a black woman claims a white man rapes her, it is a media scandal with race hustlers riling the groids up for race riots, ruining the lives of the white people falsely accused, and in the end it turns out that they were falsely accused such as in the Duke Lacrosse Case.[48]

Media and government handling of rape in Europe by African and middle eastern immigrants

The typical rape by foreigners from Africa and the middle east in Europe involves finding an unveiled woman, and having several dozen men gang rape her in all of her orafices by at least three men at once for over seven hours while the onlookers of their community cheered and "whore" and a "slut," the view of unveiled women in middle eastern culture. The victims being raped are often as young as eleven years old The victims are then confined to a wheelchair and suffering severe mental distress. If they are able to move, they usually commit suicide. The media then conceals the ethnicity of the perpetrators and removes the story. The government of the countries then says it is "racist" to deport the rapists. Only 3% of these rapists are ever convicted.[49][50][51][52][53]


In Sundsvall, Sweden on November 2014, a Somali immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl, Ida. The rapist, named Muhamed, had told the girl that he had snuck naked photos of her and that would give them back if she followed him to his apartment. In court he tried to claim the two had a "love affair" and didn't realize the extremely tiny girl was underage, but it was very obvious what happened and he was lying. June 2015, a court found him guilty of child rape but only sentenced him to a meagre 180 hours of community service. No jail time. He also kept repeating the words “black dick is expensive” over and over while raping the small child. Afterward, Ida bled profusely from her genitalia and she suffered permanent physical and psychological injuries. The city’s social services refused to even file a police report. A police report was not filed until April 2014, which substantially delayed the police investigation.[54][55]

Sweden and Norway rarely ever punish nonwhite immigrant rapists in their country and when they do it is the sort of punishment a minor gets for vandalism or shoplifting. In the brutal gang rape of a 15-year-old-girl in Sweden by nonwhite immigrants, the rapists got community service. When a 12-year-old-girl was brutally gangraped in Norway in 2013 by nonwhite immigrants, the rapists also got community service as punishment.[56][57][58]

Other leftist reactions

Feminists are occassionally raped and when it happens, it is usually by nonwhites. However feminists always blame everything on white males so when they are raped by nonwhites, they blame it on white men. For example, telescopic philanthropy Amanda Kijera was helping the people in Haiti after their earthquake. To show their thanks, a negro brutally raped her so hard she expected to die. "I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face."[59] Ironically she was in Haiti partly to dispell what she claimed were myths of violence against women on the island, and she learned what real oppression is unlike her female privilege she enjoys in a cultural marxist society. She never learned though and blamed the attack on docile white males, "Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are."[60]

July 21, 2015, a native of Emmen, Netherlands was riding her bike when a black man, grabbed her and so brutally raped her that she now is paralyzed permanently from the neck down. Her family shut down her Facebook page after people dared to insult her attacker because, to her family, that's worse than what her attacker did.[61]

War Rape

"Wherever I am, I must also rape." Real rape culture in the Congo (West Africa). Source: Congo soldiers explain why they rape

Rape also takes place during war. Such as two million German women were raped by Allied forces after the end of WWII.

But it wasn't just the Soviets, the soldiers of the Western Allied powers also committed rapes of a million German women at the end of the war. This according to the book When The Soldiers Came by historian Miriam Gebhardt.[62]

Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University said on an Israeli Radio program in 2014 that during its Gaza Holocaust, what Israel should give the Palestinians, "is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped."[63] A few months later, Benjamin Netanyahu promoted Kedar as an "expert on Palestinians".[64] 40% of Palestinian children detained by Israel are sexually abused; virtually all are tortured.[65]

Religious official rape

While Catholic priests are getting headlines for rape, it is just as common for jewish rabbis to commit rape and molestation,[66], including targetting children.[67]

Prison rape

Prison rape is quite common with males being the main victims.

In South Africa, white people are arrested for random fake charges like speeding or fines, which they deny and the courts overturn. But while they're in jail, they're systematically gang raped by inmates and police. The victims are mostly male. This system of rapings is intentional by the government of South Africa. Those men who are raped usually are infected with AIDS. Many die from beatings during rape.[68]


Some claims are that urinating or defecating will stop a rape[69] however in India, its practice of open defecation actually increases rape. Women are raped there while urinating and defecating and then the rapist murders them and hangs their body up on a tree.[70]


White Family Survives Rape and Torture in South Africa
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