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Randy Blazak

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Randy Blazak.

Randy Blazak (born 1965) is a wheezing Ashkenazi Jewish supremacist propagandist in the United States, who has infiltrated the education system and presents himself to the world as a "professor of sociology" at a liberal arts college called Portland State College. Here he is the director of the so-called Hate Crimes Research Network. Throughout his propaganda he pushes the Jewish social engineering agenda across the board, describing himself as a "male feminist" and dedicating much energy to Jewish Machiavellian manipulation of coloureds as a means of attacking his tribal rivals; European Americans; this is done under the banner of interest in "hate crimes, racism and constructions of whiteness".

He has authored propaganda which has featured on the website of the SPLC,[1] a Jewish supremacist, cultural Marxist hate group, who in 2012 inspired a domestic terrorist attack on American soil.[2][3][4] A staunch Europhobe, Blazak is sent into a panic over the slightest sign of ethnic European Americans organising for their group interests; for instance in 2013, he described the distribution of leaflets by European American rights activist, inspired by the White GeNOcide Project as "low grade terrorism."[5][6] He was one of the rich Jews who infiltrated the Occupy movement as part of a deliberate strategy to discredit it by association and make reform of the reigning Jewish plutocracy in New York City impossible.

Jewish propaganda

  • Hate Offenders (2009)

Jewish hate crimes in Palestine

Jews are killing women and children in Palestine, right now, but according Blazak a more pressing concern is a punk rock subculture known as skinheads or a supposed all encompassing threat of a Fourth Reich being set up in the United States by "neo-nazis". Blazak has spoken in front of his co-tribesmen at the Oregon Area Jewish Committee,[7] not condeming their crimes against the Palestinians once. By not explicitly using his public platform to come out against the hate crimes of his fellow Jews, Blazak is a party to them and morally responsible.

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