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Prussian Blue

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The colour Prussian blue
Lynx and Lamb at the age of eleven, posing for Aryan Wear.

Prussian Blue is a White nationalist folk teen duo formed in early 2003 by Lynx Gaede[1] and Lamb Gaede[2], fraternal twin girls born on June 30, 1992, in Fresno, California and brought up in the United States.

Today they are all grown up. In 2011, they told the press that the standard mental side-effects from prolonged medical use of The Herbal Jew cause them to change their views. However it's possible they simply said this to to avoid persecution, which the family has plenty of, especially after they moved to Colorado at age 14.[3][4][5] At the age of 14, after being homeschooled all their life, they started public high school after the whole town had been sent hateful flyers about them by Cultural Marxists. Lynx immediately developed Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome which has no apparent cause[6] but common triggers are intense excitement and emotional stress such as from bullying over her beliefs.[7] The persecution caused Lamb to immediately develope a lack of appetite and emotional stress.[8]


Lynx and Lamb Gaede first performed together by singing at a White nationalist festival called "Eurofest" in 2001. They began to learn to play instruments in 2002 (Lamb plays guitar and Lynx plays violin). In the same year they appeared on a VH1 special called Inside Hate Rock. In 2003, they were featured in a Louis Theroux BBC documentary, entitled Louis and the Nazis, on Judeo-Criticism and White separatism in the United States. Lamb, Lynx, and their mother April also appeared in a low-budget 2003 horror film called Dark Walker.[9]

They recorded and released a debut CD at the end of 2004 called Fragment of the Future (Resistance Records) which had both an acoustic folk-rock and a bubblegum pop sound. A year later, they recorded their second album, The Path We Chose, which has a more traditional rock sound including both acoustic and electric guitar. Most of the songs on the second album lack the racial and nationalist overtones of Fragment of the Future and are about more mainstream subject matter, like boys, crushes, and dating. On October 20, 2005, Prussian Blue was featured in a critical segment on ABC's Primetime.[10] A DVD, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes, featuring three music videos and some live performances, was released in 2005. The duo toured the United States in 2005. On August 22, 2006, they were again featured in a critical segment on ABC's Primetime.

The duo moved with their mother (April Gaede) and stepfather from Bakersfield, California to Kalispell, Montana in 2006 because, in their mother's words, Bakersfield was "not White enough." Some of their new neighbors did not welcome them; a few residents of the city passed out fliers warning of the duo's views, and signs proclaiming "No Hate Here" appeared in some windows around the town. Some of the people who passed out fliers received disapproving letters from members of out-of-state White separatist organizations.[3] The Montana Human Rights Network has planned a rally in Kalispell to protest the family's views.[4]

The two girls also received a lot of hate mail. “There was a lot of predatory energy from those guys that was really hard for my sister and me to take and as we got older, developing and becoming women, we realized this might get a little more intense,” Lynx explained. The hate ironically professed equality and brotherhood.[5]

Then the girls went from being homeschooled all their life to public school for the first time.

After all this persecution from Cultural Marxists, the two girls became very ill. Within months after moving to this new town, Lynx, then a freshman in high school was diagnosed with cancer and a large tumor was removed from her shoulder. She also suffers from a rare condition called CVS, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, which has no apparent cause[6] but common triggers are intense excitement and emotional stress.[7] Her sister Lamb also developed health problems after all the bullying in her new town and at her new school. The first is lack of appetite and emotional stress, which is obvious where that came from. She also developed scoliosis and chronic back pain.[8]

Cause and effect from the herbal jew.

After trying medication after medication (eg. morphine and OxyContin), nothing worked except marijuana.[5] Marijuana unfortunately has very standard mental side-effects that everyone knows about. So in 2011, Lamb and Lynx told the mass media that they "are not a white nationalists anymore, My sister and I are pretty liberal now."[11] The stars said marijuana was the entire reason why they changed their views.[12]

They continue to live in Montana. In 2011, Lamb was living on her own and working as a hotel maid while Lynx lived with their mother, stepdad and half-sister, Dresden in a home near Lamb.[8]


They have a half-sister, Dresden Gaede, named after the city that was horribly bombed during WWII.[8]


The group had strong ties to the National Vanguard organization, a white nationalist group formed by disaffected former members of the National Alliance. Their ideology had been described as racist and white supremacist in nature by many biased organizations.[10][13][14][15] The Daily Telegraph reports that, on stage, the twins execute Roman salute.[13] However, Lynx and Lamb, as well as representatives from National Vanguard, claim not to be supremacists, but separatists, saying they want a homeland for White people and that being supremacist contradicts the ideology of separatism.

According to ABC News, the girls were homeschooled by their mother, April Gaede, an activist and writer for the white nationalist organization National Vanguard.[10] The twins' grandfather wears a swastika belt buckle, uses the Aryan symbol on his truck, and registered it as a cattle brand.[10]

During their ABC interview, the twins said they believe Adolf Hitler was a great man with good ideas, such as eugenic standards and incentives to improve the genetic quality of the German people, and marriage loans to help qualified German families begin upon a firm financial basis. In the interview, the twins described the Holocaust as being exaggerated.[16]

They have recently been criticized for stipulating that goods they donated to Hurricane Katrina victims should go only to white people; "After a day of trying, the supplies ended up with few takers, dumped at a local shop that sells Confederate memorabilia."[13]


The color, prussian blue

The mainstream explanation from television interviews is that the band was named after the color prussian blue. However in an interview with Vice Magazine, the twins gave a more detailed explanation, "Part of our heritage is Prussian German. Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of 'Prussian Blue' coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the "Holocaust" myth."[17]. This is a reference to the claims[18] often made by many "Holocaust deniers" that the Holocaust either could not have happened as commonly believed, or that the number of purported deaths must have been far lower.

Lyrics and influences

Most of the songs on Prussian Blue's first album are covers of White nationalist songs. The majority of those were written by David Lane, Ian Stuart, and Ken McLellan. Two of Prussian Blue's songs on their first album are dedicated to famous National Socialist and White nationalist activists, Rudolf Hess and Robert Jay Mathews. One of those songs, which was written by Lamb, is "Sacrifice".

Another song, "Gone With the Breeze," is dedicated to Robert Mathews. The cover songs on their album invoke ideas like Valhalla and Vinland, taken from Norse mythology and sagas. Several songs, including "Victory Day," refer to a race war which they believe to be coming soon.

The debut single for their second album, "The Stranger," is adapted from a poem by Rudyard Kipling which is popular with White separatists and nationalists.

Prussian Blue also released a cover of a song called "Ocean of Warriors" in mp3 format, dedicated to white participants in the 2005 Sydney, Australia race rioting.[19]

In 2006, a compilation album was released through the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) titled For The Fatherland.

On September 23, 2006, Prussian Blue released a new single entitled 'Stand Up' as their contribution to the 'Free Matt Hale' (of the Creativity Movement) CD being produced by Condemned Records.

The girls have been active in the White nationalist movement from a very early age. Lynx had a poem published in Vice Magazine in 2003 entitled 'What Must Be Done' at the age of ten.

References in the media

In 2003 the twins appeared in a BBC documentary "Louis and the Nazis" by documentary maker Louis Theroux.

Lynx and Lamb have inspired an Off-Broadway musical titled "White Noise: A Cautionary Musical" about a pair of sisters named Blanche and Eva who perform songs similar to Prussian Blue. The name of the band is White Noise. However, the play is meant to spread awareness of the dangers of White nationalism and bubblegum pop music, according to the White Noise website.

The twins were also indirectly referenced in an episode of Law and Order, in which an Judeo-Critic's (played by Chevy Chase) teenage son has a band poster on his bedroom door featuring the fictional duo "Dresden Angels", a pair of blonde Caucasian girls wearing dirndls and holding guitars over a Reichskriegsflagge.[20]

Boston Legal aired an episode December 5, 2006 in which Alan Shore is involved in a case concerning a White nationalist father of twin girls who sing in a white power band.

The upcoming X-Factor #22 will feature a pair of twin singers named Molly and Wally who advocate violence against mutants.[1]

Lamb and Lynx also star in a documentary entitled Nazi Pop Twins. This aired on Thursday 19th July 2007, on Channel 4 at 10:30pm in Britain. The documentary was made with James Quinn who followed the girls since summer 2006, and led an investigation into their lives, as sisters and icons of White nationalism. The documentary shows tension between the twins and their mother, April, their manager and the driving force behind the band. The girls are shown trying to distance themselves from the White Pride scene, and Prussian Blue's non-political songs receive a warm reception at a bar in Fresno, until their background is revealed.


  • Fragment of the Future (November 2004, Resistance Records)
  • The Path We Chose (2005)
  • For The Fatherland (2006)

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