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What people get imprisoned for.

A prison is a place where a government stores people for long term that it kidnaps. People there are often tortured, attacked, and raped. Sometimes, they are intentionally exposed to deadly diseases. Jail is where people are held before they have a trial.

Extra abuse

In Arizona jails, people are intentionally exposed to deadly diseases, mainly hepatitus forms.[1]

Texas has for decades secretly experimented on its prisoners with bio-weapons. These bio-weapons then are patented by outside corporations.[2][3]

In San Francisco, the prison guards have forced the inmates to fight for their entertainment under threats of violence if they don't comply.[4]

The "private" prisons in the USA are not free market prisons. These private prisons have government monopolies. They are repeatedly found to be less safe than regular prisons in the USA.[5] By less safe, here is an example: Rorschach "You're Locked In Here With Me" HD

Life there similar to a Communist government

Prisons resemble Marxism in that:

  • Everyone is treated equally
  • Free food
  • Free medical care
  • Only the police have guns

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