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Pope Stephen VIII

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Note: In some sources, this pope is called Stephen IX and Pope Stephen VII is called Stephen VIII. See Pope-elect Stephen for detailed explanations.
Stephen VIII
Papacy began 14 July 939
Papacy ended October 942
Predecessor Leo VII
Successor Marinus II
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Middle Francia or East Francia
Died October 942
Rome, Papal States
Other Popes named Stephen

Pope Stephen VIII, a native of Germany, was pope from about 14 July 939 until his death towards the end of October 942.

During his pontificate he was subject to Alberic II of Spoleto, Prince of the Romans, and did not effectively rule the Papal States. His period as pope was during a brief interruption from the period when the church had been ruled by the so-called "pornocracy" of Roman noblewomen Theodora and Marozia.



Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Marinus II