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Pope Stephen IV

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Stephen IV
Papacy began 22 June 816
Papacy ended 24 January 817
Predecessor Leo III
Successor Paschal I
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Died 24 January 817(817-01-24)
Rome, Papal States
Other Popes named Stephen

Pope Stephen IV was Pope from June 816 to January 817.

He succeeded Leo III, whose policies favoring clergy over lay aristocracy he did not continue. Immediately after his consecration (in June 816) he ordered the Roman people to swear fidelity to the Frankish king Louis the Pious, to whom he went personally in August 816. After the coronation of Louis at Rheims in October, he returned to Rome, where he died in January of the following year. His successor was Pope Paschal I.


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