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Pope Marinus I

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Marinus I
Papacy began 16 December 882
Papacy ended 15 May 884
Predecessor John VIII
Successor Adrian III
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Gallese, Rome, Papal States
Died 15 May 884(884-05-15)
Other Popes named Marinus (disambiguation)

Pope Marinus I (or Martin II), was Pope between 16 December 882 and 15 May 884. He succeeded John VIII in about the end of December 882.

Prior history

Before becoming Pope, he served as Bishop of Caere, which made his election controversial, because, at this stage of history, a bishop was expected never to leave office to move to another see. On three separate occasions he had been employed by the three popes who preceded him as legate to Constantinople, his mission in each case having reference to the controversy excited by Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople.

Acts as pope

Among his first acts as pope were the restitution of Formosus as Cardinal Bishop of Portus and the anathematizing of Photius.[1] Due to his respect for Alfred the Great (r. 871-899), he freed the Anglo-Saxons of Rome from tribute and taxation.[1] He died in May or June 884, his successor being Adrian III.


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