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Pope Lando

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Papacy began July or August 913
Papacy ended February or March 914
Predecessor Anastasius III
Successor John X
Personal details
Birth name Lando
Born ???
Sabina, Papal States
Died February or March 914
Rome, Papal States

Pope Lando (also known as Landus[1]) was elected pope in either July or August 913. He died about six months later, in either February or March 914.

He was born in Sabina, Italy. His father was reportedly named Taino. He did not change his name on his accession.

Lando is thought to have had powerful friends who helped him to be elected pope. Little more is known about him. He was the last pope to use a papal name which had not been previously used until Pope John Paul I did so in 1978.

Lando was pope during the period later known as the Saeculum obscurum, which lasted from 904 to 964.


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Anastasius III
Succeeded by
John X