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Pope Donus

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Pope Donus
Papacy began 2 November 676
Papacy ended 11 April 678
Predecessor Adeodatus II
Successor Agatho
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Rome, Byzantine Empire
Died 11 April 678(678-04-11)
Rome, Byzantine Empire

Pope Donus was Pope from 2 November 676 to 11 April 678.

He was the son of a Roman named Mauricius. Not much is known of this pope.


While he was Pope, he had the enclosed forecourt of St. Peter's Basilica paved, had the atrium (or quadrangle) in front of St. Peter's paved with great blocks of white marble, and restored other churches of Rome, notably the church of St. Euphemia on the Appian Way and the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls.

During the pontificate of Donus, Reparatus, the Archbishop of Ravenna, returned to the obedience of the Holy See, thus ending the schism created by Archbishop Maurus, who had aimed at making Ravenna autocephalous.

During the reign of Donus, a colony of Nestorian monks was discovered in a Syrian monastery at Rome — the Monasterium Boetianum. Donus is reported to have dispersed them through the various religious houses of the city and to have given their monastery to Roman monks.

Relations with Constantinople at the time of Donus' reign tended towards the conciliatory.

Donus' pontificate lasted one year, five months, and ten days. He was buried in St. Peter's Basilica.

An apocryphal Pope Donus II used to be listed in the official lists. He was mistakenly inserted after Pope Benedict VI. The name comes from a confusion of the title domnus (dominus) and the Roman name Donus (LP II, XVIII, and 256).[1]


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