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Pope Benedict V

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Benedict V
Papacy began 22 May 964
Papacy ended 23 June 964
Predecessor John XII
Successor Leo VIII
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Rome, Papal States
Died 4 July 966(966-07-04)
Hamburg, Holy Roman Empire
Other Popes named Benedict

Pope Benedict V (died 4 July 966), of Roman birth, was Pope in 964, elected by the Romans on the death of Pope John XII.[1] However the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I (936–973) did not approve of the choice and had him deposed after only a month with his acquiescence. The ex-Pope was carried off to Hamburg and placed under the care of Adaldag, Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen.[2] There he became a deacon, dying in 966. He was first buried in the cathedral in Hamburg. At a later date his remains were transferred to Rome.

At the synod which deposed him in July 964, the pastoral staff was broken over him by Pope Leo VIII; this is the first mention of the papal sceptre.

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Preceded by
John XII
Succeeded by


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