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Pope Anastasius II

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Anastasius II
Papacy began 24 November 496
Papacy ended 16 November 498
Predecessor Gelasius I
Successor Symmachus
Personal details
Birth name Anastasius
Born ???
Died 16 November 498(498-11-16)
Rome, Ostrogothic Kingdom
Other Popes named Anastasius

Pope Anastasius II was pope from 24 November 496 to 16 November 498.

Anastasius II was pontiff during the time of the schism of Patriarch Acacius of Constantinople. He showed some tendency towards conciliation, and thus brought upon himself the lively reproaches of the author of the Liber Pontificalis. On the strength of this tradition, Dante placed this pope in Hell.[1] According to historian Richard P. McBrien, the view of Anastasius II as a traitor is unjust. Anastasius II had entered in communion with a supporter of Acacius, bringing condemnation from some of the clergy of Rome, who denounced Anastasius II. His death in 498 at the height of the crisis was seen as divine retribution.[2]


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