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Pope Anastasius I

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Anastasius I
Papacy began 27 November 399
Papacy ended 19 December 401
Predecessor Siricius
Successor Innocent I
Personal details
Birth name Anastasius
Born ???
Died 16 December 401
Feast day 19 December
Other Popes named Anastasius
Papal styles of
Pope Anastasius I
Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg
Reference style His Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Religious style Holy Father
Posthumous style Saint

Pope Saint Anastasius I, born in Rome the son of Maximus, was pope from 27 November 399 to 401.[1]

He condemned the writings of the Alexandrian theologian Origen shortly after their translation into Latin. He fought against these writings throughout his papacy, and in 400 he called a council to discuss them. The council agreed that Origen was not faithful to the Catholic Church.[2]

If Origen has put forth any other writings, you are to know that they and their author are alike condemned by me. The Lord have you in safe keeping, my lord and brother deservedly held in honour.

letter to Simplicianus, [3]

During his reign he also encouraged Catholics in North Africa to fight Donatism.[2]

It was Pope Anastasius who instructed priests to stand and bow their head as they read from the gospels.[1]

Among his friends were Augustine, Jerome, and Paulinus. Jerome speaks of him as a man of great holiness who was rich in his poverty.[4]

Anastasius was succeeded by his son, Innocent I, who was born before Anastasius entered the clergy.[5]

He is buried in the Catacomb of Pontian.[5]


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