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Pope Agapetus II

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Agapetus II
Papacy began 10 May 946
Papacy ended 8 November 955
Predecessor Marinus II
Successor John XII
Personal details
Birth name ???
Born ???
Rome, Papal States
Died 8 November 955
Rome, Papal States
Nationality Roman
Other Popes named Agapetus

Pope Agapetus II (died November 955) was Pope from 10 May 946[1] until his death in 955, at the time when Alberic II (932–954), son of Marozia, was governing the independent republic of Rome under the title of "prince and senator of the Romans." He was born in Rome.

Agapetus, a man of some force of character, attempted to put a stop to the so-called Pornocracy, which lasted from the accession of Pope Sergius III in 904 to the deposition of Pope John XII in 963. His appeal to Otto I the Great to intervene in Rome remained without immediate effect, since Alberic II's position was too strong to be attacked, but it bore fruit after his death.


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Marinus II
Succeeded by
John XII