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See this video. By the middle of it, Tommy Robinson learns that the Metropolitan Intelligence Bureau (UK spy agency) is behind every jihadist terrorist attack in the UK.


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Paki is a short version of Pakistani. Sometimes it is also used for people from similar ancestry such as India and South Asia. Within the United Kingdom, the term likely originated in Northern England, when people of this ancestry first began flooding in during the 1950s and 1960s. Cultural Marxists consider it a "racial slur", though if you applied their logic to calling someone of European ancestry white, it would be considered a racial slur because it's shorter and their skin is not actually white colored, but a variation of light colors. So Paki doesn't have to be a racial slur, it's just shortening a four syllable word down to a comfortable two syllable word.

Ramzpaul suggested pausing between "Paki" and "stani".

Complicating things is there is even a last name, Psaki. For example, Jennifer Psaki is the spokesperson for the United States Department of State and a former spokesperson for U.S. President Barack Obama. News media sometimes makes typos.[1]


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