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POZ is slang for being HIV positive.

Useage in the white nationalist community

It is used by people in the alt right such as The Right Stuff[1] (particularly Morrakiu[2][3]), The Daily Stormer's writer Zeiger,[4] and random people[5] to refer to degenerate culture.

Sinead McCarthy (who describes herself as white nationalist and not alt right) has used "POZfest" to describe aspects of the alt-right that she does not like such as Milo Yiannopoulos.[6]

Useage in the homosexual community

There's even a magazine called POZ that writes about the lives of people that HIV and AIDS has affected. In 1994, Sean Strub, a homosexual man who is POZ, founded the magazine. It even includes POZ Personals, personals.poz.com, where people who are POZ can date each other.

There also is a community campaign called, Wizards of Poz, where POZ men and women (nearly all men) dress up like they're at a gay pride parade and ummm???...it's unknown what else. But it raises awareness of POZ supposedly.[7]


  • San Francisco is the heart of POZ culture.
  • In the African country of Malawi, parents pay 40-year-old men to have sex with their 12-year-old daughters and give them HIV.[8] Coincidentally, Britney Spears wants to adopt a little girl from that country.[9]
  • Although not HIV, ebola lingers in a man's semen for over a year of men who survived ebola. This can re-ignite an ebola outbreak after it has died out. Thanks to all this mass immigration, an ebola outbreak could strike at any time out of nowhere.[10]


Baby It's POZ'd Outside (Extra Comfy Version)
"Wake Me Up When Shemitah Ends" by Morrakiu
"The Wizard of Poz: Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Emily Youcis

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