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Jewy-looking Michael Barbaro[1] of the New York Times lied in an article about Donald Trump. After interviewing Brewer Lane, Michael took quotes out of context and went further to made up a bunch of claims of her saying things she never did. She went on Fox News to dispute his lies.[2]

The New York Times (colloq. Jew York Times) is a Jewish-owned, fictional[3] daily newspaper founded in 1851, published in New York City, and distributed internationally. It is owned by The New York Times Company, which publishes 15 other newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune and The Boston Globe. It is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States.

The publisher is Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., part of the Jewish family that has controlled the paper since 1896. Sulzberger is widely seen as being under increasing pressure lately as dissident investors have pressed the company for board representation as the company's circulation figures have plummeted amidst an industry-wide circulation downturn and a migration of readers and advertisers to the internet.

Political bias

Since the mid 20th century, it has also been promoting demographic genocide of the USA, however anti-immigration policies for Israel.[4]

The New York Times wants to eliminate white people from being teachers.[5]

The New York Times obsesses over police “brutality” while covering up the black crime that causes it. Googling for “black gangs vow to kill 100 people new york times” (without the quotes) returns a list of police brutality stories with the top one about man police shot to death in Madison, Wisconsin.

The New York Times gets approval for all political stories from the Hillary Clinton campaign before they publish them.[6] When Hillary Clinton declines to play the woman card against Donald Trump, The New York Times plays it for her.[7]

The New York Times claims all the ficki ficki in Europe is from white people and hides the fact that foreigners commit all of it.[8]

July 2016, during the Republican and Democrat national conventions, the most popular T-shirt was "Hillary for Prison". They made an article of all these political T-shirts and intentionally left the most popular T-shirt out.[9]