Alabama Vote Fraud!!! Doug Jones Supporter Says “We Came From Different Parts of the Country”

"Clearly Vladimir Putin and the Russian government hacked the Alabama Senate special election. Since an equivalent amount of evidence exists to prove Russian hacking in both the 2016 General Election and the Alabama Senate Election - we rightfully demand a special prosecutor!" -- Stefan Molyneux

Mike Sledge

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Mike Sledge.

Mike Sledge (born 15 March 1972) is an American writer and radio host in the alternative media, who is best known for his show Deconstructions Live which was previously on Oracle Broadcasting, but moved to Renegade Broadcasting in 2013. Sledge is from Albany, Georgia. His show is one of the leading programmes in the Jew-wise movement and sometimes has a humourous element, it is pro-European and criticises Jewish agendas such as Bolshevism and multiculturalism. Sledge is of Ukrainian Orthodox heritage on his father's side and Southern Dixie (German) stock on his mother's side. He has brought to the attention of people the disproportion position of Chicago in US subversive movements.


  • Verses for the Down and Out (2010)
  • National Protectionist Manifesto (2013)



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