Alabama Vote Fraud!!! Doug Jones Supporter Says “We Came From Different Parts of the Country”

"Clearly Vladimir Putin and the Russian government hacked the Alabama Senate special election. Since an equivalent amount of evidence exists to prove Russian hacking in both the 2016 General Election and the Alabama Senate Election - we rightfully demand a special prosecutor!" -- Stefan Molyneux

Michael A. Hoffman II

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Michael A. Hoffman II
Nationality American
Occupation journalist, author

Michael Anthony Hoffman II (born 1954) is an American author from New York, most noted as an expert on Talmudism and Judaeology.


He has researched the history of the Second World War, entering into discourses which contradict "official" version of events. He is a Christian and is perhaps the man who coined the term Holocaustianity to refer to the cult which emerged in the post-war world. Hoffman has delved into the history of freemasonry and the Kabbalo-Hermetic-Gnostic underworld more generally, especially in contexts which reveal their influence on the ideas of contemporary government and media social engineers.




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