UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read


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Alexa rankings, 2014-2015

Metapedia is a wiki that a Swedish nationalist group originally founded. Today the entity behind the Metapedia project is the Prometheus foundation[1]. This is the US Corporation going by the name Prometheus Foundation. One of the projects of this Prometheus foundation is the so-called Raq Rega Project.[2] This project is very Zionist; for example, on their website[3] they state: "Israel is a fantastic place to live and to visit".

The name

Metapedia was founded in 2006 back when people often thought Scientology was a dangerous religion and naively thought that Scientologists ran Hollywood, not Jews. People know better today. 2006 through 2009 was back when people believed Barack Hussein Obama was Black Jesus who was going to heal the world of all racial hatred, whereas later Obama became a race hustler inciting race riots. It was before the viral video of Barbara Spectre saying Jews are behind white genocide. It was before Stefan Molyneux became popular as someone red-pilling people. It was before Angela Merkel brought in the entire criminal population of the Middle East into Germany for some ficki ficki including gang-raping 3-year-old boys and girls. It was before the Trump train, the alt right, and public shaming of supervillain George Soros.

An accurate name for Metapedia could've been:

  • White Nationalist wiki
  • 1488 wiki
  • Jew-wise wiki
  • White Pride wiki
  • Skinhead wiki
  • KKK wiki
  • White Power wiki
  • Aryan Race wiki
  • Master Race wiki
  • Sieg Heil wiki
  • National Socialist wiki
  • Zyklon wiki
  • Gas The Kikes Race War Now wiki
  • Hitler Did Nothing Wrong wiki
  • The Walking Holocaust wiki
  • Six Million More wiki
  • Chimp Choking Champion wiki
  • I Ain't Afraid of no ZOG wiki
  • Three Reichs and You're Out wiki
  • Awakening the Aryan people wiki
  • Securing a future for white children wiki
  • If it's not white then it's not right wiki
  • 14/88 BLAZE IT wiki
  • Radical racist wiki
  • Having Mossad on the run wiki
  • Causing hysteria in every black area wiki
  • Sending every black to Iraq wiki
  • Y'all Gonna Panic When You See This Germanic wiki
  • Everything is going to be all white wiki
  • Wrecking Ball the Wailing Wall wiki
  • The Anglo-Saxon Purity Klaxon wiki
  • Ran over a kike with my bike wiki
  • Happy Concentration Camper wiki
  • A holocaust a day keeps Mossad away wiki

... and so on.

A euphemistic soft term could be European history wiki or World War II wiki.

But the founders of Metapedia wanted to be really, really subtle. They explained it as: The word Metapedia is derived from two classical Greek concepts: μετά (metá) meaning outside or beyond and ἐγκύκλιος παιδεία (enkýklios paideía) that is encyclopedia. The name has a dual symbolic meaning.

Continuing its subtlety, Metapedia described itself as:

  • Metapedia had set its focus on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that falls outside of — mainstream encyclopedias.
  • Metapedia had a metapolitical purpose, to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view.

This disguise lasted about a day before anyone who looked at the site realized what it was about. The internet was then filled with comments like this cracked article which summed up how all the ordinary people felt about Metapedia. That article was back in 2009.

Their page on Rightpedia

Metapedia's page on Rightpedia castigates Rightpedia for covering lots of conspiracy theories.

You read the above section, The name, where Metapedia always had as its description, "Metapedia sets its focus on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that falls outside of — mainstream encyclopedias", right? Remember that? Rightpedia takes the alternative encyclopedia concept seriously. Rightpedia covers all the conspiracy theories it can.

Metapedia doesn't take the alternative encyclopedia concept seriously. Metapedia pretends to be for an alternative encyclopedia when they're an encyclopedia with a very specific focus--a focus which they don't have the decency to admit.

Upplysning's tactic to gain control is to find some minor point of disagreement on some esoteric issue and continually bring it up as if that characterises the person who opposes his total control. Needless to say he completely ignores all of their other work, and remains, alone, in the ruins of what was a good encyclopedia.

The page also mentions Oliver D. Smith, by his alias Atlantid. However the page neglects to mention that Oliver was the one who got all the Metapedia administrators banned in the first place, prompting the creation of Rightpedia.

When things first began

When things came online

  1. Anders Lagerström, who runs the publishing center for the group Nordiska förbundet (The Nordic Association), was the one who founded Metapedia on 26 October 2006 with the Swedish-language edition.[4][5]
  2. Danish (2006 December)
  3. French (2007 May)
  4. English (2008 April 28)[4][6]
  5. German (2007 May)
  6. Portugiese (2007 June)
  7. Czech (2007 July)
  8. Wiki-Slavia,- Russian, Croatian, Turkish (2007 July)
  9. Slovakian 2007 October
  10. Spanish 2007 October
  11. Hungarian 2007 December (shut down in 2015)
  12. Romanian 2008 April
  13. Estonian 2009 September
  14. Macedonian
  15. Croatian

Zionist Takeover

In October 2014, the English site had 20,314 articles.[7]

Then, Metapedia's new Zionist owners set Kimmo Alm (aka. Vir and Upplysning) up as dictator of the English Metapedia. Although Kimmo used to write angry rants on a bulletin board all day, his goal on Metapedia was to make the encyclopedia as boring as possible.

He has given various reasons. His main one is that he prohibits hate speech:

November 2015, Kimmo Alm (alias "Upplysning"), the head of the English Metapedia, in Talk:Usury said, "For a variety of reasons, including legal ones such as "hate speech" laws, negative statements regarding certain groups are not like other statements and need to be carefully stated and sourced, and generally carefully explained as being claims made by a particular source rather than being described as being some general "truth" about a particular group." He said further down, "I am not against inclusion of some of your sourced descriptions, but reworded to avoid the above problems." He later said, "Metapedia has to follow certain laws. Editors, including you, may have to follow additional laws, depending on your legal situation."[8]
May 2016 in Talk:Conservative_Party, Kimmo said, "Furthermore, the word itself may or may not be considered "hate speech" under some conditions in some countries. Therefore it should be avoided."[9]
In August-September, 2016, Kimmo said in Talk:Anti-Nazi_League, " In some countries the word "Negro" may be considered criminal "hate speech" and should therefore be avoided." Later he said, "in some countries it may be considered criminal hate speech, including Sweden, where Metapedia originates. As such the term will not be used, except in direct quotations." He later said, "There have been several criminal convictions in Sweden for writing or speaking the word." He later added, "The bottom line is that using the word may be criminal in Sweden."[10] He also reacted strongly enough to make a short article, "Name calling".[11]

Since October 2014, these changes have occurred:

  • Metapedia removed the George Orwell quote, "The people will believe what the media tells them they believe."[12]
  • Metapedia altered their article on Angela Merkel to make it sound positive about her and they even kept out any mention of her destroying Germany with migration, a fact even Donald Trump says[15]--Metapedia of course doesn't like nationalist Donald Trump. On the Merkel article, Metapedia also removed "Jewish lackey" as a category calling it "ridiculous" even though it's obvious she has been destroying Germany to promote Zionism.
  • Their article on Black Lives Matter which has been around since October 2015, does not mention supervillain George Soros as being behind it. This is known as a mainstream fact.
  • Metapedia now denies that Zionists were behind a lot of the bad stuff in the Middle East like the overthrow of Libya and the Arab Spring.[16]
  • They removed all mention that Monsanto is a company founded by slave-owners because those slave-owners happened to be Jewish.
  • The site promotes the concept of pathological altruism that claims white people made themselves cucks on their own, ignoring the endless Cultural Marxist brainwashing that destroyed their innate sense of nationalism that spanned back in their evolutionary past to when they were tribes of primates.
  • Metapedia renamed the Red Holocaust article to a softer name and replace it with an article 90% smaller.
  • Metapedia's administration completely opposes mentioning the connection between Jews and usury.[30][31] They now claim it is a "fringe conspiracy theory"[32]
  • Metapedia now has claims that there is substantial evidence for the Holocaust.[34][35][36]


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