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Separation of Church and State--not for Judaism
National Menorah on the White House Lawn

The Menorah' is a Jewish religious symbol erected and is lit at Hanukkah a commemoration the genocide of the ancient Greeks for their "terrible crime" of allowing Jews to participate in their culture, attend their schools and intermarry with them. (Jews often oppose miscegenation of Jew and non-jews.) Jews not only murdered thousands of Greeks, the Jewish terrorists also slaughtered thousands of Jews for intermarrying with Greeks or simply dressing like them. While Jews today claim to oppose symbols of "racism" and genocide, they put this symbol everywhere, even on the white house.[1] Jews also are fine with the symbol of Communism, a symbol of The Red Holocaust, the largest genocide mankind has ever known!

In the 1950s, the USA went on Christmas break and Russia (then the USSR) went on Winter break. Now it's the other way around. Putin celebrates Christmas and Obama ignores Christmas and celebrates Hanukkah with a giant White House menorah while Joe Biden wears a kippah on his head (he transforms into Jew Biden).[2]


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