UK arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting child-rape gangs that the government caters to. The UK banned reporting of his arrest, denied him a lawyer, and is trying to have him assassinated in prison. Regardless of how you feel about his views, this is a totalitarian government.

Tommy Robinson isn't the first to that the UK has jailed after a secret trial. Melanie Shaw tried to expose child abuse in a Nottinghamshire kids home -- it wasn't foreigners doing the molesting, but many members of the UK's parliament. The government kidnapped her child and permanently took it away. Police from 3 forces have treated her like a terrorist and themselves broken the law. Police even constantly come by to rob her phone and money. She was tried in a case so secret the court staff had no knowledge of it. Her lawyer, like Tommy's, wasn't present. She has been held for over 2 years in Peterborough Prison. read, read

Male and female privilege

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Feminism and female privilege
Privilege and oppression?
1899 feminism privilege
Under typical law in Cultural Marxist/white countries, when both people were drunk and had sex, the man committed the legal fiction of statutory rape and the woman did not.
Norah Vincent, a lesbian feminist writer once diguised herself as a man or 18 months to write a book on gender. After the experiment, she was institutionalized for depression, and stated she never felt so glad for being a woman.

Female privilege refers to the advantages females have over males. Male privilege refers to the advantages males have over females. Which gender has more privileges depends upon society. In Muslim societies, males have more. In Cultural Marxist societies, because feminism is part of Cultural Marxism, females have more. Feminists lie and deny that females have far more privileges in Cultural Marxist countries and feminists seek to remove the remaining male privileges and continue boosting the vast female privileges of those in white countries. Feminists in white countries ignore the fact that males have more privileges in Muslim societies because the Cultural Marxism in white countries is about destroying white society; in other countries such as India, Cultural Marxism attacks Hindu men instead.

Levels of male and female privilege varied through society over history. Typically men had a more direct power while women had a more indirect power. Women were good at manipulating men and had their power that way. In relation to this: in Norse mythology, typically direct combat is seen as a male thing while using magic is seen as a female thing.

Male privilege in Cultural Marxist societies

Male privilege does exist in Cultural Marxist societies however, but it is the type of privileges that Cultural Marxists want to hide. For example, all those falsely described "asylum seekers" that invade Europe from Subsaharan Africa are 99% men. This is complete inequality! The women from the Third World are not given a chance to invade Europe, live like royalty on welfare while natives starve to death[1] and get to have sex with endless white people and if they rape little kids, then only receive community service and no punishment.[2][3][4][5][6] This is completely sexist!

Female privilege since ancient times

  • White knighting
  • Women can hit men but men can't hit women. For example, the How Can She Slap? incident.
  • Marriage: Despite feminists calling it "legalized rape", it actually is for the women's benefit. Casual sex and the man leaving when the woman gets pregnant is not in the woman's benefit. Women raising children alone is not in their benefit. Keeping the father around to be loyal and support her children is. Feminists lie about this because part of their agenda is hurting women.
  • 79% of suicides are men.[7]
  • Women naturally live longer than men.
  • In a married couple between a man and a woman, women always know the child is theirs. They do not have to worry that they may be cuckold.
  • In white people's cultures, women have been treated the best and have had more privileges than any other people's cultures.
  • Historically it has always been "women and children first into the lifeboats."

Female privileges in modern times

  • Despite women being in more accidents, men pay higher car insurance rates.[8] If car insurance companies charged women higher rates, then this sex discrimination would quickly become illegal. However as long as the sex discrimination is only against men, then it is allowed in Cultural Marxist society. For instance, in healthcare, women consume far more resources and pay far less than men, but Obamacare does not allow discrimination based on gender like insurance does, same with medicare.[7]
  • If you can't find the right man, but still want biological children, you can go to a sperm bank.
  • Women get their genitals mutilated as babies far less often than men and then women go "Eww I would never have sex with an uncut guy."[9][10][11][12]
  • The army lowers its standards for women (only for women) after they all fail to graduate.[13]
  • Men pay far more in social security than women, die earlier, and receive less benefits both in retirement benefits and benefits given before retirement (of which for the later, women receive the vast bulk of).[7]
  • 75% of the chronically homeless people are men.[7]
  • 78% of homicide victims are men. If this statistic was reversed, there would be a national call to action and work to stop it.[7]
  • In the 21st century in the USA: Women make up 15% of all active duty military personnel, but 97% of combat deaths are men.[7]
  • Men receive 63% longer prison sentences than women do for cases of the same offense, same criminal history, same offense level. Women are also many times more likely to avoid conviction and avoid charges if convicted.[14]
  • 97.1% of all death row executions are men even though women commit over 10% of all murders. Only 12 female offenders have been executed since 1976.[7]
  • Today, 57.7% of women receive college educations while only 42.3% of men do.[7] Women also get degrees earlier; by age 27, women born in the 1980s are 33% more likely to have a college degree.[15]
  • Even though males score higher than women on standardized tests, teachers (who are generally women) lower boys' grades because they consider them defective girls because they don't act like girls.[7]
  • In scientific professions (eg. biology, engineering, economics, and psychology), they prefer women and will hire them 2:1 over men. The reason women are not the majority in these careers is lack of interest.[7]
  • In 1997, Martin S. Fiebert, began compiling an annotated bibliography of research relating to spousal abuse by women. As of June 2012, this bibliography includes 286 scholarly investigations (221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses) "which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships." The aggregate sample size is over 371,600. If there was male privilege, then the public would know this and instead men's attacks on women would be hidden rather than women's attacks on men hidden.[16] About a third of all domestic violence injuries are suffered by men at the hands of women. 64% of men who call domestic violence hotlines are told that domestic violence hotlines "only help women" and the other 32% were sent to batterers programs that simply falsely accused the male victims of beating their lovers, with only the small remaining percentage finding them helpful and this is about the same percentage is male homosexual relationships so the men were probably only helped because they had male lovers. 16% of men found that the helplines made fun of them and then sent them away. In Australia the women's domestic violence helpline is there to help women who are being assaulted while the men's domestic violence helpline only tells men how to stop being violent to their lover and does not help them protect themselves. The USA has a "Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA) which ignores the US Constitution on probable cause and requires that men be arrested even if the allegations be false, even if the women later recants, and even if the man himself is the one complaining that his lover lover is the one attacking him. Men who call the police about women being violent against them are often arrested or threatened with arrest. Over half the cases where women are arrested for violence against men, they are not prosecuted because either the judge or the prosecutor dismisses the case. In the UK, when men called the police to complain of their female lover being violent against them, police ignored 35% of the male victims, threatened 47% of the male victims, and arrested 21% of the male victims. If these numbers were reversed, there would be global outrage! In another study, they found that when male called the police to complain of a woman being violent against them, the male victim was three times more likely to be arrested than the female victimizer. The VAWA gives women free lawyers to pursue her claims of abuse while men get no help. Women are also almost never prosecuted for false allegations of abuse and the VAWA incentives women to make false allegations in the cases of divorce. Women who are in the middle of divorces are instructed by their lawyers to falsely acuse their husbands of abuse, which guarantees them a restraining order against the men (meaning he is kicked out of the house and homeless and can't see the kids or get his belongings) and the ability to get everything they want from the courts--there is no due process, trial, or judicial review for this. Any lawyer that does not tell women to make these false statements can be sued for malpractice. Judges are also required to consider all allegations of abuse by women against men even when there's no evidence and it clearly appears to be false allegations. Any of these false allegations by women guarantee child custody, child support, and alimony (which if the man can't pay, he goes to debtor's prison.[7]
  • Women initiate divorce 66% of the time because women always win in family court.[7]
  • Women receive child custody 82% of the time. Divorce courts illegally ignore all previous contracts about custody of the children. Family court claims to operate "in the best interest of the child," but the best interest of the child is for the parents to work out their problems and remain together as a married couple. Men only get custody when the women don't want the children or doesn't show up to court. Men also end up having to pay for the womens' legal fees which could be infinite. 60% of all the child abuse in the country is committed by single mothers. When a father receives full custody of a child, he only receives child support in 28.8% of cases whereas women with full custody receive it in 53.5% of cases and men make significantly higher payments for child support than women. Deadbeat Moms are ignored and never punished. Most cases where men refuse to pay child support because they were made a cuckold and the child isn't their's but the court forces them to pay for the child or sends them to debtor's prison. Compared to fathers with full custody, mothers with full custody are twice as likely to not work and live on child support and also twice as likely to only work part time again living on the money of men.[7]
  • The lie of a gender pay gap was calculated by averaging the pay of all women and averaging the pay of all men. No additional variables like hours worked and type of job worked were calculated. This is constantly rammed down people's throats by Cultural Marxists and has resulted in women earning more than men for hours worked and more than men for the same job worked. Women work less hours than men--men work far more overtime than women. Women prefer social jobs and avoid the loner science jobs that pay more. Married women also work far less than married men because their husbands support them.[7]
  • 93% of workplace deaths are men.[7]
  • Men (including little boys) are forced to pay child support to their female rapists. If the genders were reversed, there would be outrage but since the victim is male there is none. Women in contrast are allowed to dress like prostitutes and not be held liable for their influence on men.[7]
  • Men are also forced to pay child support when women take condoms and extract the sperm without his consent to impregnate themselves.[7]
  • In US law, the Bradley Amendment (1986) requires courts to never retroactively remove or forgive child support debt for a man's (not a woman's) change in income, such as if a man is in the military, imprisoned, hospitalized, not allowed to see his children, or if paternity tests later find he was a cuckold and has been paying child support for someone else's progeny and it is indeed U.S. Code § 666.[17][18] Few called to military duty can get modifications of their child support before they leave (when their income drops from a shift from a civilian job to military service).[7] Women can also just make up any man she has never met as a father and then make up an address that's not his and a letter is mailed saying he owes child support. It is not served to him, just mailed. Then the man who has no idea is on the hook for child support which by the Bradley Amendment he can never get these payments later removed and if he doesn't pay, he goes to jail as a "deadbeat dad" to a woman he's never met![7] One man Willie Carson of Houston, Texas, described his ordeal of being forced to pay child support for a woman he's never met, "I went without electricity, there were days I didn't eat."[19]
  • Men are imprisoned for failure to pay child support without any court hearing or any due process. Hundreds of thousands of fathers are jailed each year for non-payment of child support.[7]
  • In many countries a man cannot even get a paternity test without permission of the mother.[7]
  • Men who become homeless and cannot make child support payments also have their driver's license taken away.[7]
  • Women who make false paternity claims never face punishment.[7]
  • In many states such as California, if a couple divorces, the man has to pay his wife alimony for the rest of his life.[7]
  • In many areas, if a man is paying alimony and then remarries, his new spouse's income is used as an excuse for courts to increase the amount of alimony and child support he pays.[7]
  • Women receive 94% of alimony payments.[7]
  • The CDC did a study that found during twelve months 1,270,000 women were raped by men and 1,267,000 men were raped by women ("made to penetrate") during the same year.[20] In 2010, a Bureau of Justice study found that 46% of male rape and sexual assault reported a female perpetrator.[21]
  • Since the FBI began in 1927 until 2013, it defined rape as "the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly against her will" and excluded all male rape victims from the USA's country-wide statistics on rape.[22][23]
  • Even at the age of 15 months in day care, boys receive lower quality care than girls. A 2012 study found it was because the women who run day cares prefer girls even though the boys displayed no more difficult behavior than the girls; boys and girls do not differ in their play behavior this early in life.[7]
  • Men learn better by doing whereas women learn better by sitting and watching. The school system teaches where pupils sit and watch.[7]

Man Castrates Himself in Attempt to Rebuke Patriarchy

Man Castrates Himself in Attempt to Rebuke Patriarchy -- The student is Robbie Bergman, an Australian Aboriginal studies major. He used a knife to cut off his testicles during a slam poetry contest organized by a campus feminist group. A feminist student witness, Jennifer Wasilewski, told CNN, “I was not impressed at all. Robbie is such a try-hard. The fact that he assumed he could renounce his male privilege by simply cutting off his genitals is a blatant manifestation of the entitlement mentality inherent to the very system of male privilege.” Bergman went to the hospital and made a full recovery. Bergman belonged to a feminist group and the group then revoked his membership and banned him from attending their meetings as a result of “failing to check his privilege”.

Cultural Marxist vs. Muslim countries

Of course Male and female privilege varies based on culture.

In a Cultural Marxist culture, that is the culture of white countries (and formerly white countries such as India and South Africa) you probably live in, for instance baby boys have half the nerve endings of their penis chopped off without anesthesia as a sacrifice to The Volcano God. But the cultures in these countries would view the same thing happening to women as a crime aganist humanity. The majority of both men and women in Cultural Marxist countries view men as disposable--send men off to war but not women. In contrast, Muslim countries try for more equality. In Muslim countries females are circumcized, however this only happens in cases where boys in the country also get circumcized. Sure the genital mutilation removes far more tissue and nerve endings from the baby boy, but the Muslims did try for equality.

In Cultural Marxist countries, women despite driving much less than men, cause far more traffic collisions then men, and despite this men are the ones who pay far higher insurance rates than women. If women had to pay higher insurance rates than men in Cultural Marxist countries, there would be outrage, protests, and riots! In Muslims countries, such as Saudi Arabia, they reacted to this inequality by simply forbidding women from driving.

In Cultural Marxist countries, women constantly falsely accuse men of rape, ruin their lives, and even after being proven to have framed the men, the women are never punished. Women such as Emma Sulkowicz despite being proved a pathological liar, get armies of people to harass her victim with the lying mainstream media supporting her. In Muslim counties, going by the Koran, they are very strict on proof for rape, and many say too strict. However in Cultural Marxist countries, rich and powerful Cultural Marxists such as Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein get away with rape all the time.



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