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Magnus Pharao Hansen

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Magnus, looking just like the soy boy Buzzfeed writers who found they had abnormally low testosterone: extremely effiminate/gay.[1]

Magnus Pharao Hansen is a Danish linguist and the most active editor responsible for policing Wikipedia's pseudoscientific race denial articles. He edits under the username "Maunus".

Failures of understanding

  • Magnus claims race is not defined by ancestry. When shown a quote from Darwin where he defines race by ancestry, Magnus claims the traditional race system does not match this. When asked to provide data on this, Magnus gets his administrative friends to block his opponent and deletes the thread.[3]
  • Magnus thinks a survey of American cultural anthropologists demonstrates a consensus regarding the biological race concept.[4]


He's a source of information the SPLC publishes and mistakenly thinks is accurate. This makes him far left.[5]


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